An effective Biceps workout is one in which your biceps are worked hard in the shortest period of time A good bicep workout will have a few key bicep exercises to develop bigger biceps the best in building big bicep mass are the standing bicep curl and the seated dumbbell curl When it comes to biceps you must understand that they are small and are easily over trained. Performing exercises like back exercises gives them a good bicep workout, so less is more when it comes to bicep workouts So the key to developing bicep mass is to allow your bicep muscles to recover from a bicep workout after an “intense bicep workout” and to help with recovery the bicep muscles need to be nourished with high quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins etc. Also essential is at least 8 hours of sleep and lots of power nap during the day-this will build bigger biceps It takes about 10 pounds of muscle to gain an inch of bicep mass and so you need at least 20 times your bodyweight amount of calories- so if you weight 150lbs you will need 3000 calories to build bicep mass For an effective bicep workout you need dumbbells, dumbbells are an essential part of the biceps workout. Here is how to perform an effective bicep workout using the seated dumbbell curl Sit on the edge of a bench with your back straight and whiles holding one dumbbell in each hand. It is important that the weight you select is one which is heavy enough to give you at least 12 reps taken to positive muscular failure-the point where completing the 12 repetition is impossible When you reach the 12th rep use cheat curls as described below Cheat curls are essential because they provide the muscles the much needed intensity they need in your bicep workouts to build bicep mass To perform a cheat curl effectively, pick a weight you can do 12 reps with to failure, meaning the 12th rep would be the last you could perform with good form, use strict form and perform the 12 th rep, when you reach the 12th rep, you will notice that you can only lift it a few inches, at this point simply swing the weight up until it passes that sticking or weak point and then use your biceps to do the rest and compete the repetition. Always keep the elbows stationary at the waist as you swing using the back and shoulders to help you past the weak point of the bicep exercise , perform 4-6 cheats to effectively build bicep mass and to make your bicep workout intense Here is a good bicep WORKOUT routine 2 sets cheat bicep curl 2 sets dumbbell cheat curls Perform this two a week and try to increase the weights or reps each week To get a simple way to boost your bicep workouts and to give you all the bicep size and mass you need click the link below in the author’s box for a free report on how to build big biceps

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