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This is one of the most common and most common mistakes that almost all beginners run into overtraining. They naturally think that the more overall work they perform in the gym, the greater their results will be.  when I was a beginner myself I thought the same thing. Who can blame us for thinking that? […]

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If you think that building muscle is going to be a walk in the park and that you can simply enter the gym, “go through the motions” and then go home, you are sadly mistaken. The reality is that if you want to experience any appreciable gains in muscle size and strength, you’re going to […]

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This muscle-building technique should form the underlying basis for your entire weight training schedule. When it comes to structuring a proper approach in the gym, this is the most important overall factor, bar none. Everyone is so obsessed with all of the specific principles in the gym (such as exercise selection, rep ranges, which days […]

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This wisdom-filled quote directly applies to the concepts of building muscle, burning fat and gaining strength. “Those Who Fail To Prepare Are Preparing To FAIL!” You can have all of the inner drive and motivation in the world, but without an intelligently structured plan and a blueprint for success, you’re most likely not going to […]

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This is first and foremost on the list. Beyond planning a proper workout schedule with all of the right exercises, sets, reps and rest periods lies this one simple rule of muscle growth… In order to build muscle, you must consume more calories than you burn! This is a basic biological law of muscle growth, […]

You’ll need to always ensure that your caloric intake exceeds your caloric expenditure. That’s all fine and dandy, but it really only tells us half of the story. Sit down and feast on big macs, ice cream cones and potato chips and your caloric intake would easily exceed your caloric expenditure… but do you think […]