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The biceps consist of two distinct muscles that run along the front of the upper arm to the elbow. The muscles are the biceps brachii and the brachialis. Both the muscles are responsible for the flexing the elbow. The biceps brachii is the ball like portion you see when the arm is curled towards the shoulder; the brachailis is the larger muscle and is located under the brachii. The biceps are a small muscle group but usually over trained by beginners. At the most six sets of six to eight repetitions are sufficient to build big impressive biceps. Here are three basic exercises that will help you build bulging biceps. Barbell Curls: Take the barbell, add weight and put on the safety clamps. Hold the barbell with your hands at shoulder width. Keep your arms straight towards the floor and your elbows locked. Now begin curling the barbell towards your chest. Make sure that your elbows and back does not move. Bring the barbell to your chest to the point of full contraction. This will squeeze your biceps. Slowly begin the negative part of the barbell curl by allowing the barbell to slowly move towards the floor. Do three sets of six to eight repetition of this exercise. Alternate Dumbbell Curls: As the name suggests this exercise is done with a dumbbell. Take a relatively heavy dumbbell. Stand with your back straight and dumbbells in both hands. Hold the dumbbells close to your body and slowly lift them, one arm at a time, curling them towards the shoulder. Squeeze your bicep at the point of contraction and slowly bring down the dumbbell. Repeat the same motion with your other arm. While you are bringing down one arm start raising the other arm. Three sets of ten repetitions are recommended for this exercise. Concentration Curls: sit on a bench and grab a dumbbell with one hand. Keep your back straight and lean forward a bit. Rest your elbow against the inside of the thigh. With your other hand hold your other knee for balance and slowly curl the arm holding the dumbbell towards your chest. Only move your upper arm and not rest of your body. Twist the hand holding the dumbbell as it contracts. Bring the arm down and repeat the motion once again. After 10 repetition of one arm work the other arm. Ideally three sets of ten repetitions are recommended. If you are serious about having big biceps do not over train them. Increase the weight gradually not the number of repetitions.

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