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It can be intimidating going into a gym, especially if it is your first time or if you have not been for a while. Alternatively you may be lucky enough to have weight lifting equipment in your own home. Either way, learning effective weight lifting routines should help you get the most from your exercises.

Anyone can benefit from weight lifting. While it is generally advised for children under age of 16 not to lift weights they can still benefit from exercises. Both men and women can enjoy a weight lifting routine and most gyms will cater for a variety of individual needs.

For example one routine that is good for the upper body is the incline dumbbell press. For this exercise you will need an exercise bench and a pair of dumbbells. Adjust the exercise bench to a 25 to 30 degree angle. Lift your weights to shoulder level and keep them vertical. Remember to do this exercise slowly in order to get the full benefit.

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It is also not correct that weight lifting exercises make people firm and inflexible. This is why people are encouraged to do a range of exercises in order to get the full benefit to all parts of the body. It also helps if you warm up before the routine and warm down afterwards.

One area that is often neglected by some body builders is the back. However a confident posture can really show off the hard work that you have put in. Lifting barbells is a great way of doing this. With a bit of practise you should be able to lift it smoothly without jerking.

Whatever routine you do, make sure you warm up properly before you start. Injuring yourself in the middle of your routine will not advance you. This is also why you should make sure you only do as much as you know you can handle and build up slowly. Lifting too much too soon can cause an injury.

In short, weight lifting routines should be about long term gain. Remember to balance your exercises with a balanced diet and to take any advice on board from your instructor. Look online to see more demonstrations of exercises and the latest advice on how to get the most from your routine.

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