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This article is all about the most effective way to put your Triceps on a one-way ticket to growthsville with these triceps training tips.
Contrary to popular belief, its not Biceps that fill out shirtsleeves it is the Triceps.
They make up two thirds of our Arms total mass, yet remain, for most people a final consideration rather than a priority.
After reading this, that’s all about to change.

What is the reason why we all lift weights?
If you answered ‘to look good,’ ‘impress the ladies’ or ‘increase strength’
Nice. They’re all admirable reasons.
Of course, the real reason we are all in the Iron Game is to:
Trigger Muscle Growth.
Whether you’re looking to add Mass, Strength or Definition, you all have one thing in common.
You gotta trigger muscle growth to make any of the above happen.

The Key To Adding An Inch To Your Arms In 6 Workouts with triceps training tips.
In order to build Triceps you can be proud of, you need to be ready to push yourself to the absolute limit.
However, this doesn’t necessarily mean through adding tons of sets and countless more reps to your workouts.

Working Smarter As Well As Harder
Ever seen the guy down the Gym doing hundreds of sets of Bicep Curls and Tricep Cable Pushdowns?
Ever wondered why his Arms haven’t grown an inch in six months?
It’s because of the type of muscle fibers that Triceps are made of.
Unlike certain other muscle groups (like Calf’s) that need tons of sets to push them to the point of total fatigue, the Tri’s consist of ‘high twitch’ fibers and as such respond to low reps and heavy weight.
However, the trick is to also blast them once every few weeks (4) with a high set, low weight workout to shock them back into responsive growth.

The Magic Formula
If you want to experience the most rapid muscle growth possible when trying to build Triceps there is a ‘magic formula’ that enabled me to put on an Inch on my overall arm mass within six workouts.

Pay attention, here it is…

Triceps exercises.

6-8 reps x 3 sets of the following
Cable Push Down
Close Grip Bench Presses
Rope Pulley Pushdowns
Then once every four weeks…
10-15 reps x 3 sets of the following
Standing Dips
One Arm Cable Pushdowns
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Add this to your triceps training and see what happens.

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