An Intensive Way to Build Up Those Biceps

Posted: 15th September 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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This article will make an in-depth discourse into how you can use two tried and proven techniques of building and increasing the size of your biceps. These techniques are the standing straight bar curls and the standing-alternate dumbbell curls. Standing straight bar curls: These are without a doubt the most effective bicep growing exercises that exemplify the efficiency of low reps and heavy weight training. They are compound ion nature and therefore serve to develop more parts of the body rather than the biceps alone. Standing straight bar curls enable the bodybuilder to intensively target the biceps with high overloads. These overloads then cause the muscle groups to reach the fatigue point faster. To do them you have to be in a standing position with the feet apart. Let the distance between the feet be equal to the distance between your shoulders. Let your hands also be spread out on a similar width and then grip the training bar with an underhand motion. Ensure that your hands are fully stretched out and that you are leaning forward slightly. In addition, have your biceps fully extended. Once you have gripped the bar in this style you have to make an explosive motion that will see you bring or curl the weight toward your body. As you curl the weight toward you make sure that you get your biceps to be fully contracted. Once you have brought the weight toward yourself ease your body into a fully upright pose. After getting upright make a controlled effort to lower the training weight to the original starting position and ensure that the body also returns to the leaning posture. This will ensure that the biceps get a thorough stretch. Research has shown that the best gains are made as the training weight is being lowered. This is commonly referred to as the ‘negative’ position. To make the most of this ensure that you lower the weight twice the distance you raised it. One common mistake that plenty of guys make is to let the weight drop through gravity. Based on the above concept you will realize that this is counterproductive. Standing-alternate dumbbell curls: These are also very effective in building up the biceps. Make sure that the dumbbells are at your sides and that the palms of your hands face each other. Only one dumbbell should be curled at a go and palm should make a forward rotation motion as this happens. The biceps should also be contracted similar to the above routine. In the contracted position lower the said dumbbell and in the process rotate the palm backward into position. Repeat these motions for the other hand and dumbbell. Both these techniques are great for doing fewer reps that have more effectiveness. It is prudent to do these while in the standing position since you will be in a better position top maximize on the load capacity. More weight means more load for your biceps and this will translate into more growth.

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