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Along with chest and back, bodybuilders have always thought massive arms to be the most impressive body part of course! When you look at photos of bodybuilders, your attention is usually drawn to the biceps. In order to have impressive arms, you need to work hard at it, which means breaking the muscle down into separate categories and making sure that each gets its share of hard training.

When we picture a well-developed arm, we tend to think of huge, pumped biceps, but the truth is that the triceps are a larger and more complex muscle group than the biceps. The perfectly proportioned arm usually consists of two-thirds triceps and one-third biceps. Like other body parts, the arms no matter how big they get, need to be shocked into responding for total development.

It is important that you don’t pick a weight that will make your face turn purple, but one that is just heavy enough to give you a good pump. You are bound to fail if you’re weight is too heavy. Want to have big muscular arms ripping out of your sleeves?

Do not forget to work hard on your triceps exercises and do them in good form. And to build big triceps, you must feel the pull of your triceps muscles when the weight is at its lowest position before pulling them back to the starting position.

Make sure to change things up. Put your arms first in your workout order (on the day you lift bi’s or tri’s). This should allow you to weight down heavier and generate some mass.

Another important thing is to do different exercises. Do dips or dumbell kickbacks for your tri’s if you don’t do them already. Change the rep and rest periods. Do 10-12 reps with a 60 second rest period. Then later in the week do 6-8 reps with a 150 second rest period. The main thing is to do something different. Want a great workout that’ll make those guns pop and make you cry when you’re done?

Stop everything else and hit your arms twice a day for two weeks (with a days rest each week). You’ll be crying for Mom at the end. Remember to then rest, for at least 5 days. Very Important: To grow your arm muscles as fast as possible you need to train them and then let them rest and heal. They only grow when you let them rest and recuperate. If you train them too much then they will never get the chance to grow as training damages and tears the muscle cells – recovery is when they rebuild bigger than before.

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