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This post on biceps is all about getting mass into the biceps, I’m going to list the best biceps exercises for mass I use to get not only toned defined arms but nice and thick as well.
No doubt you’re like me when it comes to your biceps you love training them as every curl you can see the biceps pumping up and getting bigger stretching your t-shirt, also the fact that most of the time your biceps are on show not like the rest of your body, any way let’s get started on listing my best workout for biceps mass.

1: I always like to start any biceps workout with high reps getting plenty of blood into the muscle warming it right up and prepping the biceps for the onslaught that I’m about to give them, I usually do this with a preacher bench with a cable machine as I can get a good stretch in the biceps as well getting plenty of blood into the muscle. Start by taking a grip on the straight bar with my hands about 4inches apart and my elbows pointing out a little bit so they are not level with my hands, this will hit the inside of the biceps head as well as the outer head of the biceps, curls the bar up and squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement then lower the bar and stretch the biceps at the bottom of the exercise move the bar at a slow pace to really hit all the fibres in the muscle, do 4 sets of 12-15 reps you should really feel the pump at the end of the last set ready for the mass building exercises.

2: Best biceps exercises for mass can come in all kinds of biceps workouts but the one I’m going to start you off with is my favourite exercise it’s the seated concentration curl that hits the inner head of the bicep.
Decline a workout bench to about 45 degrees then load up some dumbest that you fell comfortable with and that you can rep out 10-12 reps with, then holding a dumbbell in each hand and sitting back onto the bench with your feet shoulder width apart curl one dumbbell up at the top of the movement lift your elbow up just a bit this will allow you to squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement, then lower the dumbbell down stretching the bicep at the bottom, just as the dumbbell is near the bottom curl the other dumbbell up and repeat the same method.
You should be hitting about 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets depending on your level of training.

3: After this I like to get a straight barbell, standing up I take a close grip on the bar with my elbows in tight to my side and my feet about shoulder width apart, curl the bar up squeezing the biceps at the top of the movement then lower the bar and stretch the biceps at the bottom of the movement, keep the curl nice and controlled not to fast as this will hit all the slow stitch fibres in the muscle, slow stitch fibres are the fibres that when developed give the biceps mass or any other muscle.
Repeat the exercise for 3-4 set with a rep range of 10-12 I find that this is the best rep range as you not only get a good pump but it also give the muscle mass as well.

4: Straight after this keep the barbell and adjust your grip so your hands are just level with your shoulders this will hit both heads of the biceps, repeat the technique that is stated in the paragraph above, as you might of noticed I like to squeeze and stretch the biceps I do this as it is a vital part of growing any muscle group and getting the most of any workout.

Some other tips I can give you for mass is to make sure you do compound movements like squats, barbell bench press, clean and jerks as all these exercise add mass to the entire body not just to the body part they are training.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this hub on the best biceps exercises for mass this is only a small in site into training your biceps so I will be back with other hubs on training your biceps.


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