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Best biceps exercises for men what a question, everyone wants big biceps but for everyone the best bicep workout or exercise is different, I have my favourites and I’m shire if you asked other bodybuilders they would say the same, but all is not lost as I’m about to revel to you my best biceps exercises, so have a read take it all in and give the exercises a go then come back leave a message and tell me what you think.

My Best Biceps Exercises For Men


My first favourite biceps exercise is using a preacher bench with a cable machine, I love this as it gives me a great stretch at the bottom of the movement and keeps the biceps muscle under streets at all times, you can do a complete biceps workout with this from your inner biceps head to the outer biceps head just by adjusting your hands, so if your hands are close together this will work the outer head of the biceps but if your hands are far apart let’s say shoulder width then this will work the inner head of the biceps.
With the preacher bench I like to go between the inner head to the outer head of the biceps without any rest In between as I find this gives me a fantastic pump in the entire biceps all at once, remember this is best biceps exercises for men, if you are a women and don’t want to get big arms and biceps then please don’t follow this advice.

So the biceps workout above will go something like this, I start of with my rep rang around 12-15 reps using a short bar I take a wide grip, curl the bar up squeeze at the top of the movement then controlling the bar down stretch the biceps at the bottom of the movement.
Straight from that with no rest I then move onto a close grip with the same bar and repeat the same reps and technique, after this movement rest for about 15 seconds increase the weight on the cable machine then go again this time hitting a rep rang of around 10-12 for the next set increase the weight again but this time try to get a rep range of 8-10 continue the biceps exercises until you fell you have done enough.
I like to finish this biceps workout with a standing concentration curl as I feel this really gives the bicep a peak, I use a heavy weight that allows me to hit around 8-10 reps.
A standing biceps concentration curl is we’re you stand with your legs apart grab a dumbbell rest your elbow on the inside of your leg and curl the weight up squeezing the bicep muscle at the top, go from one arm to the other with no rest, do around 3 sets per arm that should be enough, then I move onto my forearms and abdominal muscles but were not here for that so I will have to write about that some other time.

Super Setting Biceps Exercises

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My next best biceps exercise for biceps is also a super setting workout, by the way if you don’t know what super setting means it means when you don’t have any rest between set, so the next one is a seated concentration curl super setting with a seated hammer curl the same amount of reps as the biceps workout before and the same amount of sets, but this time we will be declining a workout bench and sitting with your back to the bench and our feet spread apart stabilising your body, grab a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing up curl the dumbbells up and squeeze the biceps at the top of the movement then in a controlled way lower the dumbbells down and stretch the biceps at the bottom of the movement repeat in the same amount of reps as stated in the last biceps workout, straight form the concentration curl go into a hammer curl and repeat as above, to do a hammer curl just turn your hands as if you were holding a hammer but I like to slightly over turn my hands so the thumbs are closer to the bench than my little fingers.

I like to finish this biceps workout with a standing barbell curl as a compound movement to really put some mass into the biceps, how many sets you do is up to you but keep the reps between 8-10.

I hope this has helped you to answer your question on best biceps exercises for men as I said before everyone is different but give this a try you will probable love it, don’t be scared to experiment as well with different exercises and techniques.


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