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The answer to best calf exercises for mass can only be answered by the technique you use in your calf exercises and not the exercise its self, to get mass into my calf muscles I used to use allot of weight but until I started using the right techniques I didn’t really see any real improvement in my calf muscles, below is one of my calf muscle workouts that I use to put mass and size onto the muscle.

Now the real secret in putting any size onto any muscle is all in the stretching and the squeezing of the muscle within the exercise and in between the sets, let me show you one of my workouts for my calf muscles, first off I like to use a smith machine with a platform to stand on that will bring you off the floor about 8 inches, add some weight to the smith machine bar just enough to warm your calf muscles up and to get you used to using the smith machine then standing on the platform so your feet are apart from each other about 4 inches and only the ball and toes of your feet are touching the platform, the smith machine bar should be just away from your shins, lean forward grab the bar and stand up straight, steady yourself then lower your body so that your calf muscles are now fully stretched then lift your body up with your calf muscles and at the top of the movement stop for a second and squeeze the muscle, the best calf exercise for mass don’t really involve allot of weight but by stretching and squeezing the calf muscle within the workout puts tons of mass into the muscle, after you have warmed up the calf muscles increase the weight so your reps rang are between 10-12 don’t go any lower with the reps as we really want to pump as much blood into the calf muscles also get a really good burn.

Some people will say that to hit the I tire calf muscle you don’t have to move your feet well I like to adjust my feet to hit all the calf muscle as I think this is best so after I have done my first set with a rep rang of 10-12 I let go of the bar and straight away turn my feet inwards this will hit the outer head of the calf muscle I will rep this out until the calf muscles really burn, then I will turn my feet outwards this will hit the inner head of the calf muscle once again I will rep this out until I get a massive burn.

In between sets I will stretch the calf muscles I like to give myself about 30 seconds I between sets, you will find that if you do around 5 sets with 1 warm up set this will be enough for the calf muscles to grow and put loads of mass and size into them, so just to recap the first working set will be with the bar and your feet facing straight with them being about 4 inches apart the without any rest let go of the bar and turn your feet inwards do as many reps as you can then without any rest turn your feet outwards and do as many reps as you can all the time stretching and squeezing the calf muscles then have around 30 seconds rest and start the process again, these exercises are by far the best calf exercises for mass for me so give the workout a go come back and leave a comment to let me know how you got on also if you have any questions on what I have said above leave a comment and I will answer the question for you.

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