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Hi everyone!The best tricep supersets are those that hit the muscle from all angles.   This workout will use fundamental tricep exercises (ex. overhead lying tricep extensions, cable tricep pulldowns, tricep kick backs etc. ) and superset them doing a two combo exercise with a 70 second rest between sets. This tricep superset technique is a muscle building workout that also has the added value of significantly improving strength, muscular endurance and definition.   When doing each superset, focus on using your triceps and squeezing at the top of each rep.   The trouble with triceps sometimes is that you can use leverage, momentum or use too many secondary muscles and therefore less emphasis is put on the muscle that you are trying to target witch not the point of this tricep superset workout. Tricep Superset Exercise 1:  Overhead Lying Tricep Extension & Close Grip Presses4 Sets & 10 Reps per Exercise70 second break between setsTricep Superset Exercise 2:   Cable Tricep Pulldown & Reverse Tricep French Press4 Sets & 10 Reps per Exercise70 second break between setsTricep Superset Exercise 3:  Tricep Kick Backs4 Sets of “Moving Down the Rack”70 second break between setsMoving Down the Rack:  Choose a weight that you can do 10 reps with.   Perform a tricep kick backs set to failure on each arm and then immediately grab another dumbbell with slightly less weight so you can do another few reps until you reach failure again.   Continue to performtricep kick backs sets to failure until you reach the end of the dumbbell rack and there are no more weights to lift. This is one of my favorite and best tricep superset workouts that I use on a regular basis to really get not only a good workout but an excellent pump as well and enable me to really focus on improving the strength in my triceps so when I move on to more compound exercises like bench press, I have more power and endurance left in the tank!  Until next time, keep doing this best tricep supersetworkout, keep it positive and make it a great day!

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