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Bicep exercises

Bicep exercises

Bicep exercises for most people are the part of their workout they look forward to the most, as watching the bicep muscle grow and pump in front of you.
I love working my biceps I find them easy to train and they respond really well in every workout.
Training the bicep can differ from one person to the next so here is how I train my biceps and how I perform a bicep curl the best way that works for me.

Bicep exercises.  (Clich here for more on bicep exercises)

The barbell curl: this bicep exercise is the route of your bicep workout without it you won’t grow a thick well shaped bicep muscle group.
Stand with your feet about shoulders width apart using a straight bar or an EZ bar take a shoulders width grip. Now I like to do pyramid sets, this is where you start at a low weight that allows you to do around 15 reps with not much effort, the aim here is to get the blood into the bicep, then increase the weight up each time until I hit around 7-9 reps.

After taking the barbell of EZ bar at a shoulders width grip, tuck your elbows into your side curl the bar up to your chin, now in all bicep exercises remember to squeeze the muscle at the top of the
movement lifting your elbows up about 3 inches then back onto your sides when bringing the weight down then stretch the bicep at the bottom of the exercise, also stretch the bicep in-between the exercises, I have said it before and will say it again this is key to building not only the bicep muscles but any muscle group.

The biceps I find are best worked out on their own, but if you are going to workout on another muscle group, I like to make it my back or abs but workout the biceps first, as they are only a small muscle group and will get exhausted quickly.

When doing a bicep curl with dumbbells the same principle as written above applies, squeezing and stretching the bicep muscle you get the best results.

There are loads of bicep exercises, the ones stated above are very basic but if you are just starting

out in weight training or training your biceps then make sure you
put these into your training or workout programme for bicep exercises.

If you want the complete package on bicep exercises then visit this site to find out how to really get huge biceps, with amazing workouts, training routines and diet plans.

Bicep exercises

Bicep exercises

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