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Normal 0 The biceps are perhaps the most popular body part to train. Very rarely will you meet a new trainer in the gym who doesn’t pay adequate attention to biceps training. Despite this propensity to train them, there aren’t a lot of great biceps sets in gyms. One would think that the most popular body part would be the most developed. However, this is far from the actual case.

For properly developed biceps, a complete routine for mass, strength, and height should be employed. Barbell biceps curls are great for building mass, and are typically one of the first movements a bodybuilder attempts. Chin-ups build overall strength and size, and are also popular among the braver of the new trainers. Biceps concentration curls, considered ace for bringing out height and detail in the biceps, are often neglected.

To complete biceps concentration curls, choose a medium weight that you can normally use to complete 12 to 16 repetitions of standard dumbbell curls. Bend over, allowing the dumbbell to hang toward the floor. Slowly curl it up, feeling the repetition in your muscle fibers. Flex the arm throughout the movement, especially at the top as the dumbbell reaches your shoulder. Remember that you should be bent over with the weight hanging the entire time.

Complete 8 to 10 repetitions for one arm then complete the repetitions on the other arm. When the next set arrives, start with the alternate arm, to assure that both arms receives the same workout. You may have fewer oxygen reserves available when the second set of the double arrives. Heavy weight should be used on biceps concentration curls. You’re looking to bring blood into the region, of course, but you’re also working to stress the outer biceps muscle, in order to add more height to the arm.

If you’re new to bodybuilding, begin using biceps concentration curls immediately. Just as it will take you a few months to really get the ‘feel’ of movements such as bench press and barbell curls, it’ll also take a certain time period to become accustomed to concentration curls. Do them early, and you’ll establish the mind-muscle connection early on in your bodybuilding career.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder, you should already be using dumbbell concentration curls at least twice per month. If you are not, then you will want to immediately add them to your workout regimen. They are extremely effective for adding height to biceps, something that is absolutely required for both back double biceps shots, and looking good sitting at the bar. Get concentrating today!

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