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A reverse biceps curl is a must on any biceps workout, as I find it is a great exercise to finish my biceps with.
Due to the facts that reverse bicep curls work the forearms as well as the outer head of the biceps.
This is why I do the reverse curl at the end of the biceps workout as I always follow on with my forearms after woods.
Allot of people don’t bother with the outer head of the biceps or just mix up a load of exercises and hope that they will hit every part of the biceps.
If you don’t have some kind of plan for any body group then your muscles are not going to grow to their full potential.
The reverse bicep curl can be done in many different ways but my personal favourite is on a preacher bench using a cable machine, as this keeps constant resistance on the biceps.
How to do a reverse biceps curl.
Lets use a barbell for this example, hold the bar at shoulders width, you can also take a close grip this will work more of the outer head of the biceps and less on the forearms.
With a shoulders width grip keep your elbows close to your sides, and curl the weight up towards your chest.
At the top of the movement lift your elbows up about 4 inches; this will help you squeeze the biceps at the top of the exercise.
Do rep ranges of 10-12 as the forearms respond better to this range of reps and so do the outer head of the biceps.

I also like to do this exercise on a preacher bench using a straight bar or an ez bar.

One other exercise is the seated incline bench hammer curl using dumbbells, when doing this exercise I use quite heavy weights so I can’t rep out more than 9 reps.

Do not forget to stretch the biceps during and in-between the exercise, as this will get the most out of your reverse biceps curl exercise.

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Biceps exercises

Biceps exercises

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