Biceps Exercises Mistakes

Posted: 22nd August 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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As with any workout and exercise training, mistakes can be made that will impede your progress or could even injure you during the workout. This is true of biceps exercises as well. Here are some of the most common biceps mistakes that can be made. Using Bad Form and Techniques
Using bad form and techniques means not receiving the full benefit of the training. Not lifting the weight all the way or not completing the motion is a cheat and your biceps will not gain in size or strength as they should. Over-Training
Doing more does not mean you will get bigger or have more strength. If you plan to workout your biceps and they are still sore and tired from the last workout, then don’t exercise them. Take a break and let the muscles recover. Doing Too Many Sets
Similar to above, doing more sets, does not mean more of a benefit. Doing fewer sets that have good form and technique, that are quality reps versus bad form reps is more important. Focusing on each rep and your biceps will increase their size and strength much more quickly. Lack Of Sleep
Working out muscles is breaking and tearing the muscle tissue to make them grow. Sleep repairs your muscles and releases hormones, so that they can have a break and grow again. Sleep is important for the energy levels to be at their maximum to continue exercising and getting the best of each workout. Get your rest to get bigger biceps. Using Light Weights and Doing High Reps
Doing multiple reps with light weights, will not build larger stronger muscles. Instead, heavier weights and fewer reps will. Working the muscles to their fullest potential will create the larger, stronger biceps that you want, rep ranges of 9-12 are best to build muscle and reps between 6-8 are beast for mass. Doing The Same Routine Again and Again
After months of doing the same routine, your muscles will have a memory for the routine. At this point your biceps will not become larger or stronger. They are now use to the same movements over and over again. Changing up the routine periodically will mean increasing size and strength and never allowing the muscles to build up a memory for the exercises.
In other words this is to shock the muscle back into growth. Using Your Biceps In Another Workout Before The Bicep Workout
If you use your biceps in another workout, before the bicep workout, they will already be tired and need a rest. The biceps will be fatigue already. Do the bicep exercises first or avoid exercises that heavily include the biceps, if you’re planning on solely improving your biceps. Exercises in the Wrong Order
Do the heavy, hard biceps exercises first at the beginning of your workout. These take a lot of energy and strength. Leave the easier, lighter exercises for the end, which will be simpler to do. Poor Eating Habits
Eating correctly is just as important as proper rest. Food is energy and eating correctly on a daily basis will improve your training and workout routines.
So getting the correct amount of protein carbohydrates fats and water is vital to biceps and all workout programmes.

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