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As a beginner, it’s often difficult to get into weight training and working out. Most beginners (including me when I was a beginner) don’t want to approach the big guys and ask them questions about workouts and what they’re doing. In today’s article we’re going to look at the top 10 bicep workout and biceps exercises mistakes. The aim of this article is to help people who are new to bicep workout and bicep trainingtechniques. The standing bicep curl engages the most amount of muscle in the bicep region. Not only does it directly work the bicep muscle, it also works the stabilizer muscles of the arms, the forearms and the shoulders to some extent The standing bicep curl is effective for building muscle mass because it addresses two important requirements for building muscle mass. Another principle is working with the right intensity. Performing a bicep exercise with intensity is another way to force growth into your biceps. The more intense the biceps exercises the more bicep fibers are stimulated and the more fibers stimulated the bigger the your biceps will grow. Here is how you perform the standing bicep curl. When you perform the standing barbell curl – be sure to cheat. What I am trying to say is use a bit of momentum to help you curl the weight past the sticking point. I don’t mean jerk your body up and down. Just use a bit of momentum when you can no longer use strict form to help you propel the weights past the weak point of the bicep muscle. Note that since you will be going heavy with this move sticking with strict form is going to be next to impossible towards the end of the movement. Controlling the resistance or weight on the downward motion is an absolute must in getting the maximum benefit out of this bicep exercise. If using a straight bar causes you undue stress on your wrists – then switch to using a curved or Cambered bicep curl bar. And finally there is muscle recovery! Once intensity and overload are in place and the bicep muscles have been stimulated you need to rest and allow them to recover. Without recovery they simply will not grow no matter what bicep exercise you useOne of the best bicep exercises is an isolation movement. the last two I discussed were what we call compound movements which tend to work many muscles in one movement. It’s always a good choice to add one of the isolation bicep exercises to your routine. This insures your burn the bicep into shape. Standing cable curls are an excellent move to burn your biceps. Here is how to perform it. The exercise itself is lowering yourself down very very slowly until your arms are fully straight. This may be harder than you’d expect in the first few workouts you do it in, but it will help you get bigger biceps so make sure to include it and other negative exercises in your workout. The best bicep workout are ones in which you can tone your biceps while doing your cardiovascular enhancing routine. So, if you workout 3 times in a week, for 30 minutes, you are definitely going to get rippling biceps in no time. Remember to consult your physician before you start working out.

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