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Biceps exercises | without weights

This is my second part to biceps exercises without weights, the first part was about having a biceps workout and training your biceps with just the resistance of using one arm to the other, a great way of workingout your biceps when you are in the middle of nowhere or can’t get to the gym.
This part is going to be using the chin-up bar, an inexpensive easy peace of equipment that can go anywhere with you and also gives your back muscles a great workout as well.

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Biceps exercises without weights.

You can buy two types of chin up bars one that hooks over the door architrave or one that fits inside the door frame.
The one that hooks over the architrave allows you to perform wide grip chin ups for your outer back muscle.

But we are talking about biceps exercises so here it goes.

Biceps exercises for the inner head of the biceps.
First take a shoulders width grip and pull yourself up letting your chin touch the bar or go over the bar, squeeze the biceps at the top of the movement.
Do as many reps as you can but if you find that you can only do 5-7 reps to start with the put a chair under you to aid with getting to right rep rang, which should be around 15 reps to start   with decreasing down to 7-9 reps.
If you find that you are easily going over 15 reps then add some weight in between your legs say a bottle of water or a heavy book.

Biceps exercises without weights for the outer head of the biceps.
Once you have done at least 3-4 working sets move onto a close grip, were your thumbs are touching, the first biceps exercise was for your inner biceps and this exercise is for your outer biceps, pull yourself up to just over the bar and squeeze the biceps, don’t forget to stretch the biceps as much as possible during the exercises and in-between the exercises, this is key to building you biceps muscles to their full potential.

Biceps exercises for the outer head of the biceps and the forearms.
After performing another 3-4 working sets using the chair to aid you if you need it, move onto a reverse grip, this will hit the overall biceps but more the outer biceps and the back of the forearms.
Perform another 3-4 working sets, the same as before bringing your chin just over the bar and squeezing and stretching the biceps muscles as much as possible.
Try these biceps exercises without weights for when you are stuck for getting to the gym or just want to workout at home.

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