The biceps – everybody loves to do a biceps workout, I know I do. The beautiful thing about biceps is that there are so many biceps exercises and each one gives you that satisfied pump as you watch them grow in front of you. The only problem with the biceps is that people get a little too eager to see them grow and end up over training them.

Remember, the biceps are only small muscle groups and incorporating more than 2 biceps workouts a week is going to be more than enough.  I personally don’t work out on my biceps until they are completely recovered from the last workout, unless I have been doing heavy exercises in the first workout hitting the slow twitch fibres and then doing light sets in the next workout hitting the fast twitch fibres.

I like to keep my biceps workout short and sweet – not longer than 25 minutes and have little rest time in-between all exercises.  This will only be about 20 seconds at most, even when I am adding mass, as I find my biceps respond best to this and it always gives me a good pump – which I love!

Anyway, here is one of my favourite biceps workouts. Have a go – I think you will love the results from the workout and being sore afterwards.

Remember in each exercise to stretch the muscle when doing the exercise also squeeze at the top of the movement and to stretch in-between the biceps exercises.  This will give a better pump and encourage more muscle growth.

Biceps exercises and workout.

1. Start the first exercise on a preacher bench with a short bar, elbows level with your shoulders and the same with your hands.  Do 15 good reps, but not to failure – repeat this exercise twice it is going to be your warm up set and pump that blood into the bicep head.

2. Right here we go – continuing with the same biceps exercise from the first stage we are going to increase the weight so you hit 12 reps.  Then super setting with the same weight you are going to push your elbows out a little and take a close grip on the bar. You may have to drop the weight for the second close grip exercise as this is hitting the outer head of the biceps which is smaller than the inner head of the biceps, but if you can keep the same weight do so as this will shorten the rest time between the exercises from getting up and changing the weight.

Now repeat this for as many times as you can.   I would do this at least 4 times and giving myself no more than 20 seconds rest between the two exercises and no rest between the super sets.

As the exercise progresses don’t expect to be hitting 12 reps on every exercise. Towards the end you should be only doing 6 reps at most.

3. After this go straight to an incline bench.   Set up two dumbbells that are going to allow you to do around 9-12 reps –  with your back on the bench and your feet firmly on the floor once again super set between seated concentration curls with no twist at the bottom and hammer curls.   This will be the same principle as the biceps workout above, but at the end of this exercise pick up a dumbbell that you can only rep once and start to curl it and hold it there for as long as possible then do the same for the hammer curl – do this twice.

After this you shouldn’t be able to lift another thing, have a go and see what happens, but remember this is quite an intense biceps workout so only once a week.

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  1. […] The biceps, everybody loves to do a biceps exercise I know I do the gorgeous thing about biceps is that there are so several biceps workouts and every a single gives you that content pump as you check out them increase in front of you , the only issue with the biceps is that men and women get a little also eager to see them grow and conclude up over teaching them, remember  the biceps are only little muscle groups and incorporating a lot more than 2 biceps workout routines a week is going to be far more than adequate, I personally don’t perform out on my biceps until finally they are completely recovered from the last workout, except if I have been undertaking major sets in the very first workout hitting the sluggish twitch fibres and then doing light sets in the following workout hitting the quickly twitch fibres. […]