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The biceps are probably one of the more favorite muscle groups to exercise. It is not often that you see a new person in the gym that hasn’t devoted a reasonable amount of time to their biceps. Even though they’re so fun and popular to train, you don’t see too many well-shaped biceps in the gym. You would assume that the muscle group that’s so popular to train would be the one you saw worked out on everyone, but this is far from the truth.
In order to get correctly developed biceps, a full exercise program needs to be made that includes mass, strength, and height. Barbell bicep curls are an excellent way to build mass, and are usually the first bicep exercise bodybuilders go for. Chin-ups are a great way to build strength and size, and are widely used by new and intermediate trainers. To focus on the height and detail of the muscle, bicep concentration curls are ideal, but are also often forgotten about.
In order to do bicep concentration curls, first pick a moderate weight that you can complete 13-15 reps with usually when doing a normal bicep curl. Then bend over with the weight hanging towards the floor. Curl the weight up at a slow pace so you can feel the movement in your muscle fibers. Be sure that the arm is flexed during the entire exercise, but specifically at the point when the weight gets up to your shoulder. Keep in mind that you should be bent over with the dumbbell hanging down for the whole movement.
For a single set, go through about nine reps with one arm and then switch to the other arm to finish the set. When you do the following set, begin with the other arm to ensure that both arms get identical workouts. It’s a possibility that you might have reduced the amount of oxygen reserves for the second set. Bicep concentration curls are usually done with heavier weights. The ultimate goal is to flow blood to the area, but in addition you want give the outer bicep a real workout to add height to the biceps.
For those who have just started bodybuilding, bicep concentration curls should be used in your routine right away. As you have found with other exercises, getting the feel of this movement might require some time. The earlier you start doing them in your routine, the easier they will be now, and in the future. For those who have been bodybuilding for a while, bicep concentration curls should already be part of the workout for training the arms. These are very powerful exercises for increasing the height of your biceps, which is important for scoring points at competitions, and for scoring points at the bars.

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