Build A Peak Bicep ? Monster Workout

Posted: 5th November 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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When your trying to build impressive arms, improving your Peak Bicep muscle is an is a particuarly impressive part of overall muscularity!
It is mad freaky , and is sure to command attention whether in Bodybuilding lineups or just when walking casually down your local high street. The majority of aspiring Bodybuilders never manage to create anything like they are are capable. Today, that is all about to change becuase im going to detail, the exact exercises you need to perform to ensure you get some serious Peak Bicep development, or Bicep outer head to call it by its actual title.
It would be wrong of me though to suggest that Genetics didnt count to build a Peak Bicep. Notwithstanding, every single person can inititate these 3 fantastic exercises to maximize muscle stimulation of your Bicep Outer Head, carving out that incredible Bicep-on-top-of-a-Bicep look that is so viciously impressive.
Your first port of call is to observe your own Biceps composition.
You do this effectively, put your hand straight onto your nearest wall then turn to the side in a similar way to a Chest Stretch. Then keeping your body turned, take a look at your Bicep. If you are of proportionally low bodyfat you will see a split in your Bicep, just underneath the position where it meets your Deltiods. To build an impressive Peak Bicep we are going to be concentrating exclusively on the outer most muscle here – the outer head.

Peak Bicep Exercise 1: Dumbbell Hammer Curls
The key with this exercise is to hold the weights with your palms facing inwards towards each other (in the same way you might hold a Cars steering wheel) and maintain perfect positioning by tucking your elbows in close to your sides.
Get your body primed for the real work with a quick warm up set and then get ready to rumble with the real work using a weight that pushes your capability.
10,8,6 x heaviest weight possible

Exercise 2: Ez Bar Curls
This has got to be the best Arm exercise of all to really focus at the top and feel that muscle contraction with.
The two key factors regarding successful implementation of this exercise are to stand with your back against a wall – for the reason that this prevents you from swinging the weight unnaturally and to grip the bar with your hands very close together. You will be shocked at first to find that you are unable to lift anything like the sort of heavy weights that you are used to, but thats all good. Keep building up strength and you will quite quickly experience some severely impressive Peak Bicep increases.

Watch the complete video to find out what you are doing wrong in building the best biceps and body you have always wanted.


12,10,8 x heaviest weight possible

Exercise 3: One-Arm Cable Curls
Be sure to end your workout with this particular exercise when the muscle is near totally exhausted. Cable exercises should executed using a very manageable weight. Use a weight that you can easily,manageably lift for 3 sets of 10 with. The thing here is to focus the fast twitch fibers and flood the Bicep with nutrient filled blood. As well as helping build marvellous peak bicep definition this exercise will also give you the ultimate Bicep pump!
20,15,10 x medium weight

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