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What other way can you build big biceps without using only the best biceps exercises. Being physically fit and looking good in your clothes is enough motivation for most people to go to the gym. But when its hot outside, its the opportunity for most exercise enthusiasts to show off their arms.
Lets face it, lots of people (us men usually) work on their upper body muscles more than the lower body. Why? Because those are the T-shirt muscles. Nothing looks better in a tank top or a basketball jersey better than a great pair of arms. Building big biceps using the best biceps exercises is a sure-fire way to get that muscular, powerful, and sexy look that everyone is going after.
The best way to build big biceps is to use exercises that allow you to move alot of weight, focus on keeping the tension on the muscle, and changing up the exercises so you can keep the muscles from adapting to the same thing.
Try These. . .
My first choice would be Close Grip Chin Ups. This is the best of the best biceps exercises. This exercise is great because it allows you to move alot of weight. Think about it. . . if you weigh 200lbs and you are pulling yourself up for 8 reps, can you do that if you loaded up a curl bar with 200lbs? Im willing to bet you probably could not. But with chin ups you force your bis to contract hard and pull yourself up. Plus it also gives your lats (aka wings) a hell of a workout. This should be a staple in anyones workout. Also in this exercise there are also other muscles that come into play instead of just the bi’s and your lats. Those are called the stablization muscles and those are the ones that help you balance and stablize yourself as you ascend and descend from the chin up bar.
As far as isolation movements go, nothing beats Standing Barbell Curls. This is the best one there is when it comes to building big biceps. This is a great movement that allows you to go heavy and it hits the biceps directly. Be sure to get the most from this exercise by using correct form. I always see alot of people at the gym who need check their form. The proper way to do barbell curls is to hold the barbell in front of you with a slight bend at your knees. Keep your elbows at your sides. Now without moving your elbows forward, curl the weight up as far as you can. If you do it correctly the bar should be somewhere in the middle of your chest and not all the way up by your mouth. If its that high then you let your elbows swing too far out in front of you. when you curl the bar as high as you can, hold it and squeeze those biceps for one second. Lower the bar under control. Dont lower it down so far that your arms are totally straight. Bring the bar down and keep some tension on the bi’s by lowering it about 80% to 85% of the way down and keep a slight bend at the elbows.
I could have put alternate dumbbell curls on this list, but why do that when you can do Incline Dumbbell Curls. This is a great exercise because it allows you to be in a position to put a strech on your biceps. Sit in an adjustable bench and put it on an incline (not too steep LOL!). Let the dumbbells hang at your sides. Bring them up one at a time or simultaneously. I think its harder when you lift them at the same time. Give it that slight twist and squeeze the bi’s at the top. Lower under control and repeat. Guaranteed you will feel this tomorrow!
The last exercise i will mention is the Preacher Curl. Use a preacher curl bench and an EZ curl bar. Adjust the seat to the right height. The seat should not be so low that your shoulders come over the curling pad. It also should not be so high that you’re hunched over the pad. Grasp the bar using a shoulder width grip. Do not
Why not use these exercises in your workout routine? I always stick with what works and these movement are battle tested and have been producing great results for a long time. Why shouldnt they work for you? These are the best biceps exercises in my opinion and you will understand why provided that you implement them in your routine.
Are you going to get started on building the type of arms that command attention? Are you satisfied with your arms? Or could they be more to your liking if you worked just a little bit harder? Look at them right now. . . can they be better??

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