Building the Biceps Peak

Posted: 3rd September 2010 by Darren in Bicep Exercises
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When one thinks of legendary peaked biceps heads, bodybuilders like Robby Robinson come to mind. Large, split heads which inch higher and higher as the bicep is flexed. While much of the size of the peak is determined by genetics, it is possible to grow the biceps peak that you do have. Exercise selection is the key. In order to build the peak, you must train the outer biceps head. Here are some movements, which target that area.

Preacher Curls
This movement is king for bringing out the biceps peak. You can complete this exercise on either an incline bench, or a specified preacher bench, if the gym is equipped. Have a seat at the preacher bench and curl away!

Supinated Wrist Dumbbell Curls
When doing dumbbell curls, change your normal thumb position so that the thumb and fingers are together. This helps keep the upper arm flexed in such a position that the upper biceps are emphasized in the movement. This thumb position method works with any other biceps movement as well.

Concentration Curls
Seated on a bench with a dumbbell in your hand and your upper arm hanging against your inner thigh, slowly curl the weight, flexing the bicep throughout the movement. This brings a great deal of blood into the muscle group and brings out definition in all areas of the biceps.

Cable Curls
Use cable curls as a finishing movement to bring more blood into the muscle group as you wrap up your biceps workout with emphasis on the outer heads.

Additionally, take a look at your body fat levels. If you are sitting at 20% body fat, your biceps peaks aren’t going to show, no matter how much you train them, or how big the outer biceps heads are. If you’ve adequately trained them, as you diet down, the split and peak in the biceps muscles will become more and more apparent.

Many top bodybuilders will never achieve a biceps peak due to genetic limitations. Other trainers will have a peak before they even touch a weight. While genetics cannot be controlled, exercises can be selected which emphasize the outer biceps muscles, therefore helping the biceps peak to emerge. Peaked, split biceps are more and more rare these days as bodybuilders become bigger and the use of growth hormone tends to obfuscate the split in the area. However, if you train them correctly and diet down, you should start to see your biceps peak emerge. Good luck!

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