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Rather than the regular abdominal workout routines like sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, among others, I prefer other superior options for increasing metabolism through supercharged, high intensity level workouts. In addition to working the entire body, these exercises also hammer the abdominals.

“Abs to Die For”! How To Get Awesome ABS!

Posted: 10th September 2010 by Darren in abdominal workout.
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Product DescriptionThis guide will present you with complete program that covers ab basics, ab exercises with routines for all levels – from beginners to advanced, along with sections focused on trainer tips, ab resources for more information and a Self-Help. Guide to help with Getting and Staying Motivated. The common goal is to help you […]

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If you’re now doing direct abdominal exercise routines, such as situps, leg lifts, and crunches, take a look at indirect exercises for the best ab workouts. You can actually achieve even better results with high intensity, full-body workouts that boost your metabolism while working your abs. Below is a great abdominal workout that doesn’t involve […]

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There are tens of abdominal exercises that you could potentially include in your abdominal workouts and training programme, but these, in my opinion, are two of the most important ones. Combined, they exercise all four parts of the abdominals to ensure a more toned abdominal area. The two abdominal exercises are called straight legged toe […]

Product DescriptionWhen you think of abs you most likely think of magazine models with abs so tight you could grate cheese on them! Your pessimistic side may also think of bland diets and endless hours in the gym. Therefore, you assume abs are reserved only for models, bodybuilders or Hollywood celebrities. Not true! This book […]

Jane Fonda’s workout book

Posted: 31st August 2010 by Darren in abdominal workout.
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Product DescriptionJane Fonda’s Workout Book is more than the best exercise program designed for women–it offers a whole new approach to health and beauty. Jane Fonda’s Philosophy of physical well-bing, which she has incorporated into her own life, will change forever the way you think about and treat your body. This is a program that […]

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As a fitness professional, I often get asked what the best types of exercises and workouts are for losing stubborn stomach fat in order to bring out visible six pack abs. The problem is that most people with excess stomach fat looking to try to uncover their abs are searching for some “miracle abdominal workout” […]

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It is essential to understand the biology of the abdominal muscles before beginning a training programme or routine in order to prevent injury and so that you can better understand the way in which each exercise benefits you and which part it benefits. The abdominals, in relation to other body parts, are relatively simple. There […]

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Cross Crunch Advanced Abdominal Workout with Marcos Prolo

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So your buddy is bragging about his new six-pack abs, taking off his shirt and tapping the stoned-like abdominals, you feel like you want to kick him for that. How did you do it? You may have been asking him that question after the looking at his perfect abs. Your buddy tells you a lot of things, like diet and abdominal workout. Merely listening to him, you want to do it right away! 1. He tells you that proper eating is the number one key. While you have a voracious palate on good food, he advises you to cut it off on fattening dishes and focus on healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, protein-enriched and carbohydrates-packed foods.