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The quickest way to add size to your arms that makes a visual impact is to build up your triceps. And if you’re serious about building big, muscular triceps, this is the list for you! But before I give you my Top 5 list for triceps-training success, let me explain my how I created this […]

The term “girl” is generally thought of to be a young female, but when we’re talking about body building for girls, we’re really referring to female body building for teen girls. Body building isn’t a sport just reserved for the male sex. Girls can get strong, fit, and toned just like boys although their approach needs to be different.

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This muscle-building technique should form the underlying basis for your entire weight training schedule. When it comes to structuring a proper approach in the gym, this is the most important overall factor, bar none. Everyone is so obsessed with all of the specific principles in the gym (such as exercise selection, rep ranges, which days […]

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This wisdom-filled quote directly applies to the concepts of building muscle, burning fat and gaining strength. “Those Who Fail To Prepare Are Preparing To FAIL!” You can have all of the inner drive and motivation in the world, but without an intelligently structured plan and a blueprint for success, you’re most likely not going to […]