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Best biceps exercises for men what a question, everyone wants big biceps but for everyone the best bicep workout or exercise is different, I have my favourites and I’m shire if you asked other bodybuilders they would say the same, but all is not lost as I’m about to revel to you my best biceps exercises, so have a read take it all in and give the exercises a go then come back leave a message and tell me what you think.

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If you’re looking for something to torch your biceps, a bicep blaster then the standing barbell curl is for you. This move is not only a favorite bodybuilding exercise for almost everybody but it is actually effective in building big arms. This move is not only a bicep blaster but it’s a proven exercise to swell your bicep and give it the size and mass that you really desire.

It won’t take a hard look to notice that the biceps are made out of two part. A long head and a short head. In any decent bicep exercise both are activated. The biceps job is elbow flexion not to mention forearm supination (supination meaning your ability to twist your bicep in and out. The shoulder muscle is also involved in any bicep exercise you might perform

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Getting huge biceps is probably the first thing most people aim for when starting out in weight training. The thought of going out with your friends and being noticed instead of them because of your biceps. I have got to admit when I first started training I know I worked on getting huge biceps and didn’t concentrate on […]

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Here is a list of some of the best exercises to build your biceps muscles. They should give you the best bicep workout. Standing straight-bar curls It is the best overall exercise workout to build large and well rounded biceps muscles. This exercise is designed to produce lots of muscle by low reps of heavy […]

What To Do About Bicep Tendonitis?

Posted: 27th October 2010 by Darren in Bicep Exercises
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What is Bicep Tendonitis?  Bicep Tendonitis is a condition that affects the area between the bicep muscles, where it meets the front of the shoulder. It hardly occurs on it own and often Bicep Tendonitis is often called as bicipital tendonitis. Athletes are most common people who suffer from bicep tendonitis. It develops because of […]

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How to get big biceps is one of the first questions many beginner and amateur bodybuilder ask. In fact, just under 35 million people ask Google this question every month! Why would so many people want to know how to get big biceps? Well put simply, owning a pair of fully defined rock hard biceps […]

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A reverse biceps curl is a must on any biceps workout, as I find it is a great exercise to finish my biceps with. Due to the facts that reverse bicep curls work the forearms as well as the outer head of the biceps. This is why I do the reverse curl at the end of the […]

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The first thing required of you as a display of strength of fitness is a good bulging bicep. No one outside the gym is likely to put you a bench to see how much weight you can “bench” though this is often the hallmark of strength inside the gym. Often, you will be asked you […]

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For those of you who want to have large biceps muscles that will make the women stare and the men look away in fear then there are a number of different routines and rules your should remember. Compound biceps exercises are a great way to build lots of strong muscle quickly; isolation bicep exercises will […]