Cho-Pat Bicep/Triceps Cuff – Large

Posted: 7th September 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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  • The patent-pending Bicep/Triceps Cuff affords protection from overuse injuries that may develop from repetitive lifting.
  • Applies compression to the upper and lower portions of the bicep and triceps muscles which lessens the stress and direct pull on the muscle attachments and helps reduce the likelihood of developing upper arm pain.
  • Available in sizes for more effective and specific results.
  • Size: Measure around the arm at mid-bicep. SM: 11.5″-13″, MD: 13″-14.5″, LG: 14.5″-16″, XL: 16″-18″, XXL: 18″ – 20″
  • Easy to apply. Durable and washable.

Product DescriptionThe Cho-Pat Bicep/Triceps Cuff applies dynamic circumference pressure to the upper and lower portions of the bicep and triceps muscles. This action spreads out the stress and direct pull on the muscle attachments which helps (1. ) to reduce the likelihood of developing bicipital tendinitis/tendinosis or tricipital tendinitis (2. ) to ease existing bicep/triceps’ pain and discomfort. . . . More >>

Cho-Pat Bicep/Triceps Cuff – Large

  1. D. Olender says:

    I bought this product to help with tricpes tendinitis resulting from weightlifting. It did provide some relief, but only when the brace was cranked so tight that it cut off circulation and caused my arm to get pumped up and my fingers to tingle. When I loosened it enough to make it comfortable, it was too loose to provide support and relief.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I have a logging/firewood business and am 51 years old. The repetative use of the chainsaw and the repetative use of the splitting with a maul or sledge had left me where I could hardly raise my right arm above my head . I began wearing this brace and while not cured, am relieved , I can continue on with my day in much more comfort and have even gone back to lifting a few weights on days off. I also use ice packs and heat pads which I already owned otherwise I would’ve bought the one with these built in .
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I. BROWN says:

    Great item if you have a bicep injury and you need some support when down the gym. Very good quality materials used the construction of the support but be aware of this, the measurement for the top part of the support needs to be measured correctly. The Cho-Pat website recommends that you measure the mid bicep region. I would recommend against this, instead measure between the very top of your bicep and the bottom of the front deltoid (shoulder muscle), this is where the top band will be compressed and sit so this is the required measurement.
    Overall, a very good product.
    Rating: 4 / 5