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You may have seen the weight trainers performing diverse bicep workouts with different devices. And you are excused from thinking about having those amazing shirt-ripping biceps overnight just by pumping iron. This is the general thinking about genuine bodybuilders. Instead of thinking about the pain and sweat that has gone into building that rip-roaring body, people often tend to believe that biceps can be protruded as and when one wants by simply doing a few curls.
Nothing can be farther from truth than this fallacy. All those Doubting Thomases are informed that strong biceps is the result of disciplined bicep workouts that the bodybuilders follow for a very long time; and to prevent them from sagging, they have to consistently hit the gym and repeatedly do those curls.
Whatever your target for the biceps is, it can’t be achieved unless you follow a disciplined routine as charted out by your trainer. Besides telling you different kind of curls, he may also advise you about the diet you should have while you are performing the prescribed bicep workouts
The first thing he’ll tell you is to maintain regularity in all your exercises. As far as possible, sticking to the strict exercise and diet schedule will not only help you achieve the desired results in shortest possible time, but also ensure that you have a healthy bicep development and not a cosmetic one (e. g. , using drugs or other dangerous chemicals). In fact, the primary purpose of undergoing routine bicep workouts is to discount the possibility of the use of cosmetics to enhance your biceps.
Another thing you must keep in mind while trying to build your bicep muscles is to avoid overdoing it. Remember, Rome was not built in a day! Similarly, your biceps will take their own sweet time to build. All they want from you is to help them by doing correct and timely bicep workouts, and keep to the schedule as laid out by your trainer.
No pain no gain theory is fine, but your aim should be to minimize the pain and maximize the gain by adhering to correct well disciplined bicep workouts.
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