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I was reaching the milestone of turning forty and took a look at what I had accomplished. I was in a happy marriage and loved my children. We had managed to buy a good home in a good neighborhood. My job was fairly secure and we were financially stable. It appeared that my life was going the way that it should and I had most of what I needed.

Unfortunately, everything was not perfect. I was not happy with the shape of my body. My waistline seemed to be growing every year. It was not something I wanted. And I was not the only one with this problem. It would not hurt my children or my spouse to look in the mirror either. None of us had a big problem with our weight. But all of us had a weight issue of some kind to face. I think that I set a bad example that was being followed by the others and decided to do something about it, but I knew that it was not a case of me deciding on a way My Family Diet, but rather a time for my whole family to start making better choices about how we were treating our bodies and decide on how we could improve the choices. As the head o the household it was up to me to get my family to make the right choices about how to treat their body.

Setting the goal was the easy part. The road that we were going to have to follow to accomplish this goal was not going to be so simple. Getting my wife and children to agree that we should all do this was the first thing I had to do. After that, it was a matter of determining exactly what healthy choices were. It was something that would have be decided together. We discussed how to follow a healthy diet. We decided to keep track of exactly what food choices that everyone was making. I was amazed at how often fast food had become our meal of choice. We all knew that too much fast food was not healthy and changing this would go a long way in improving our diet and although cutting it out would not help us learn My Family Diet it would help us start to lose some weight if we were able to combine it with other changes in our lifestyle, and we had to figure out why we had become dependent on things like fast food and snacking to keep us full.

Our schedules were busy, but not so busy that we couldn’t make adjustments. The first thing was to eat together more often. It would always be healthier to eat a home cooked meal. By planning family meals, we could choose things that were better for us to eat. It was also a great way to get involved in the lives of everyone in our family. We grew as a family as our bodies shrank. Since we were in this together, we also decided to eliminate the tempting foods that were lying around our home. instead of chips and ice cream we chose apples and carrot sticks for things to eat between meals. Not having the unhealthy food around would reduce the temptation. Besides changing our diet, we also needed to get some type of physical activity and chose walking as our activity. We really could have chosen any type of physical activity if we wanted to. The important part was that we would all do it. It made all of us feel better that we made it a family activity.

For the past year we have done things this way. We all are happier with the way that we look. But what has really improved is the bonds that we have with each other. It is a benefit that was completely unexpected. It was also the best thing that could have happened.

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