Exercises For Triceps

Posted: 2nd October 2010 by Darren in triceps training
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While biceps get most of the attention and claim as far as arm definition and mass are concerned, triceps, located under the back half of the arm, are the largest muscle in the arm, and therefore if you want to have truly toned arms, you are going to need to know Exercises For Triceps. There are a myriad of exercises for triceps that can be used to add mass and definition to your arms.   As with most exercises, exercises for triceps should only be done three non-consecutive days in a week, and when the weight is increased your bicep exercises should be done with two days off in between workouts. Tricep Bench Dips Tricep bench dips are one of the best and simplest exercises for triceps.   The exercise is done by placing two flat benches parallel to one another, and about two and a half feet apart. Placing your feet on one bench and hands on the other bench, with you legs together and your hands slightly narrower than the width of your shoulders.   Straighten your arm and position your body into an L shape. Bend your arms and lower your body slowly between the two benches, going as far down as you can comfortably.   Hold this position for a moment and then straighten your arms and raise yourself back up to you L position. This triceps exercise can be made more intense by laying weighted plates on your lap. Tricep Dumbbell Kick BacksThe tricep dumbbell kick back is one of the most intense and important tricep exercises as it offers solid peak contraction. With a light dumbbell in one hand, stand next to a flat exercise bench and bend over until your upper torso is at a parallel angle to the floor.   Place your other hand on the bench so that you can support yourself.   Keep your upper arm along the side of your torso throughout the course of the entire exercise.   Using only your forearm, raise the dumbbell in an arc motion and straighten your arm.   Hold this final position for a moment in order to gain the maximum tricep contraction. Tricep Push DownsAttach a bar to an overhead pulley. Standing just in front of the pulley spreading your feet shoulder width. Take hold of the bar with a narrow overhand grip. Bending your arms fully, pull your elbows in close to you’re the sides of your torso throughout the exercise. Move, only your forearms, bringing them down in an arc motion until you’ve fully straightened your arms.   Maintain this position and squeeze your triceps for a second and then slowly lower back down to the start position. Close Grip Bench PressThe close grip bench press is one of the basic triceps exercises. Lying on your back on the bench press bench with your feet flat on the floor and spread shoulder width apart, grab the bar a bit less than shoulder width.   Straightening your arm, lift the barbell and position it so that the bar is at arms length over your lower chest. Lower the bear down and touch your chest, keeping your upper arms sloe to your torso and then push the bar back up into starting position without allowing it to bounce off of your chest. This exercise will add mass and definition to your entire arm, and is one of the best triceps exercises. Remember to have some there to spot you whenever working out on the bench press. With all of these exercises it is important to push yourself, but know your limits and not add on too much weight too quickly.   Build up the weight over time for best results and remember that you can often achieve quicker results from your triceps exercises when you vary the number of reps and their speed.

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