I am preparing for a wedding (mother of bride), and I need to BULD MY FEMALE BICEOPS AND THAT TONED ZEY LOOK WITH my arms and back What can I do and what should I do? Female biceps are usually a trouble area for most women as they tend to be under developed are therefore saggy and flabby. You see most women tend to focus their attention on getting smaller hips, butt, abs and legs.   And they often forget the female bicep-over all a female needs to develop a symmetrical body which is on of the sexiest looks a female can strive for. Female bicep development is just one aspect of this symmetrical development By symmetrical, I’m referring to an overall body fat reduction and a complete workout program that doesn’t neglect any muscle group including the female bicep area fact is a well toned and well built women always gets attention and women who have  sleek and tight arms – female biceps that look fit with a bit of muscularity, and triceps that look tight and firm will always get attention as very few women have them It tells onlooker how healthy and well disciplined a woman with toned female biceps is A good female bicep workout will combine weight training with cardio Here is the formula for sexy female biceps and an overall sexy body Train your female biceps antagonistically.  Antagonist training refers to working opposing muscle groups in the same workout.  For instance you may workout the biceps with a bicep exercise immediately followed by a triceps exercise. For example, if you’re performing three sets of standing bicep curl with three sets of triceps press downs Rest a minute and repeat 3 times, this is a good female bicep and trice workout this is a good way to get toned sexy female arms To get sexy female biceps keep rest between sets to a minimum –a simple a 45-to 60-second rest between sets is all you need. In the example we gave above, we would complete one set of biceps and one set of triceps (within no rest between the two) and then rest 45 seconds and repeat the process This is enough time for recovery but enough to keep intensity high for building sexy female biceps to get the most out of your female bicep workout use the tweak, for example when lifting a dumbbell in a dumbbell curl, most people would lift it up and down,  you can get more out of your biceps by tweaking it at the top, you tweak your female biceps by Turning the ‘pinky’ finger and wrist in the direction outside of the shoulder area as you approach the top part of the movement. This slight tweak of a movement will provide an excellent bicep contraction that will ensure you get more out of your bicep workout. The tweak offers the perfect biceps contraction and you’ll definitely feel and see results in your female biceps To get well toned female biceps, be sure to specialize, set a good portion of a workout for them, and use 2 -3 exercises with 2 sets each no more is needed. Working out on your female biceps once a week is plenty if you perform them correctly To get well defined arms, you need to watch your diet and lower body fat level There is no such thing as spot reduction, so if you have flab on the back of your arms you will have to reduce overall body fat level As body fat drops the fat on the female bicep will also drop So you need the right bicep workouts combined with a low calorie and low fat diet to get perfect female biceps finally you will need at least 45 minutes of cardio 4 times a week to help you reduce overall fat level and allow your female bicep muscles to look great\ Cardio or aerobics will help to accelerate the fat- burning process and weight training will stimulate and develop well toned female bicep muscles If you would like to discover a sure way to get sexy toned female biceps click the link in the author’s box and get a free report that shows you how to get well toned biceps

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