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There are three things that a real man should be proud of. The size of his shoulders, the firmness of his chest and the size of his arm muscles. If all of these are kept at optimum fitness levels then a real man can be proud of his physical condition. The biceps are one of the most visible part of a mans body and so most men would love bulging muscles to show off. Most women think that big arms are attractive and studies have shown that men with bigger arm muscles are more confident and self assured. Because of this it is very common for men to be focusing predominantly on the biceps and triceps when they work out in the gym. Here are three proven work out regimes to give you the best bicep work out possible. If you really want to have bigger and stronger biceps then these are the best possible exercises for you to try.

1. Seated Tilted Curls Exercise.

This one is good for beginners as it will give your biceps a good foundation of muscle on which to work on. It is also good for people who have been working out for a while as it helps to tone and shape the biceps. It is recommended that beginners do three sets of each routine and about 10 to 15 repetitions of these so as not to strain the muscles early on. For those more experienced you should be able to manage four sets of each routine. For those people who are really serious about building muscle and getting the best biceps workout then you should be aiming for 5 sets of each routine and about 10 to 20 repetitions.

When you do these seated tilted curls you should be lying down on a bench. Use the strength of your biceps to lift the dumbbells to your chest and twist your arms as you raise them. This twist will exercise more of the biceps and will give you a more well rounded exercise. As you lower the dumbbell to its original position you should remember to contract your biceps to achieve the best bicep workout possible. While you are raising one arm the other arm should be being lowered. This is so that you only use the strength of your biceps to move the dumbbell and donít use the force of the momentum to raise them.

2. Cable Curls Exercise. This is similar to the barbell curl but allows you to build the biceps muscles in different ways. You should stand upright with your legs shoulder width apart. Your knees should also be partly bent and your elbows should be kept as close to your body as possible. curl the weights in a circular motion upwards towards your chest and hold for one second before lowering them down to their original position.

3. Intensity Curls Exercise. For best results with this exercise you should be sat down on a bench with your elbows inside of your knees. Exercise only one arm at a time with this exercise, because you are going for high repetitions with a light weight. This will give your biceps the best bicep workout possible. It is important that you have a focused and consistent exercise routine so that you can achieve the best bicep workout possible. IT is also important to understand what exactly each muscle does and how it works so that you can understand the muscles more. If you can manage to get in 3 or 4 more reps each time you exercise with a little bit more added weight then that could make all the difference. When you overtax your biceps this way you are giving them no other option then to force themselves to build more muscle to compensate for the strain.

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