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For those of you who want to have large biceps muscles that will make the women stare and the men look away in fear then there are a number of different routines and rules your should remember. Compound biceps exercises are a great way to build lots of strong muscle quickly; isolation bicep exercises will help you to tone and shape your muscles and training the brachialis muscles will help to give you at least the appearance of bigger biceps, but will also contribute to your overall arm strength. Compound bicep exercises are a great way to exercise different muscles and different parts of the same muscle at the same time. These exercises force more muscles to act together to lift a weight. They are a must if you want to have the best possible bicep workout. The pull is an often neglected but very important exercise that should be a staple compound biceps exercise for those who want to have the best bicep workout. This exercise not only trains the biceps in different ways to simply lifting weights but also exercises the latissimus dorsi muscles in the back. This is a good exercise to build up lots of muscle mass quickly. Another type of exercise that will train not only the muscles in your arms but also the muscles in your back and chest are row exercises. There are numerous types of these exercises. The barbell row, the T bar row or the cable row all target various muscles besides your biceps but are sure to provide you with the best bicep workout possible. Not many people realise it but you can make huge gains on your arms and back muscles just by using indirect compound exercises such as the two just described. Although for the best results it is advised that you alternate the type of exercise that you do so you don’t begin to stagnate. This is why it is advised that you include some isolation exercises in your exercise routines. Isolation exercises are useful in giving you a well rounded and fuller muscle mass. They even out disproportionate muscles into more even sizes. You should use isolation exercises to focus on one specific muscle in order to bring it up to shape with the other surrounding muscles. The standing curl is the best solation exercise for the biceps. These can be done with a dumbbell, a barbell or even a cable machine. The concentration curl is also an important exercise for building up bicep muscle mass and for giving your the best possible bicep workout. This exercise builds on the lateral head of the muscle and helps to build a visible peak. Alternating between compound and isolation exercises is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best bicep workout. However there is another muscle that most people overlook and is vital in gaining shapely and well toned biceps. This is the brachialis. Just buy looking at someone’s arms you should be able to see if the routinely train their brachialis. This muscle lies just below the biceps and when given the proper training can give your arms a massive size boost. The best routines for training this muscle are the barbell curls, dumbbell curls and pull ups. These three exercises are designed to target both the brachialis and the biceps. They will build the smaller muscle while also giving you the best bicep workout possible. The corporate fitness industry makes it seem that getting big biceps is unattainable for the majority of the population but this is just a common fallacy. It is very easy to gain and keep big arm muscles by alternating between compound exercises, isolation exercises and thickness exercises. Utilizing these three types of exercise will help you to successfully build the type of biceps that you desire.

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