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Here is a list of some of the best exercises to build your biceps muscles. They should give you the best bicep workout. Standing straight-bar curls It is the best overall exercise workout to build large and well rounded biceps muscles. This exercise is designed to produce lots of muscle by low reps of heavy weight lifting.

 The standing straight bar curls gives your biceps a great workout without straining them too much. You should stand with your feet a shoulder width apart and with your back flat against a wall. Hold the bar with an underhand grip. Bend your legs and elbows slightly and keep your elbows as close to your body’s possible and try to move them as little as possible. Using the strength of you biceps, pull the weight up towards shoulder height by contracting your bicep muscles. Slowly lower the weight back to its original position, but try to not let the weight of the bar forces your arms down. Instead let your muscles guide the weights down. Substantial amounts of the exercise will occur when you are lowering the weights back down. Most of the simulation of the muscle fibres happens during this movement.

This will ensure that you exercise a majority of the biceps muscles and not just the lifting portion. Standing alternating dumbbell curls This is guaranteed to help you build your biceps muscles and to give you the best bicep workout possible. Hold the dumbbells by your sides with your palms facing your legs. Raise one arm at a time to your shoulder and twist your forearm as you raise it. After contracting you biceps until you cannot raise your arm anymore lower the dumbbell to its original position. Repeat with your other arm and alternate between arms until you have finished your daily bicep workout. This would give you an all round even bicep workout. Normally it is not advisable to do many light single arm movements for muscle building but these work very well and will give you the best possible bicep workout. These should ideally be done standing, as you can lift more weight when standing and more weight means more building of the biceps muscles. Sitting down could add unnecessary stress to your lower back and chest muscles. These exercises allow you to more fully exercise the muscle. The twisting motion of your arm as you raise it and lower it allows the biceps to contract more and you will gain a deeper exercise and more muscle will be built. It is very important that you lower the weight slowly as this will strengthen the biceps muscles even more. Allow you arm to come to a complete rest before you start raising the other arm as the momentum from the body motion would give you added motion to raise the dumbbell and it would not be your muscle that is doing the work. It is only really acceptable to cheat this way after too much fatigue has set in and it becomes impossible to raise them simply on the power of the biceps muscles.

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