Product DescriptionFood and diet are central to understanding daily life in the middle ages. In the last two decades, the potential for the study of diet in medieval England has changed markedly: historians have addressed sources in new ways; material from a wide range of sites has been processed by zooarchaeologists and archaeobotanists; and scientific techniques, newly applied to the medieval period, are opening up possibilities for understanding the cumulative effects of diet on th. . . More >>

Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition

  1. I have neither the time nor inclination (much less the credentials) to provide a suitable review for this book.

    I will however point you to the ‘limited preview’ provided by Google books where can read almost four chapters of the book at your leisure (as I did before purchasing).

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    Edit May 10th
    Ahh. . I provided a link, but apparently Amazon doesn’t allow that sort thing. Just google the title and you’ll be able to find it in google books and read to your heart’s content.
    Rating: 5 / 5