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Gain Weight Build Muscle
Yeah I know what you are probably thinking; is this for real? Build muscle and lose weight at the same time with a colon cleanse? Stupid and impossible. Read this article to find out if this really is possible all just be having a colon cleanse. I’m not going to sit here a tell you lies that just by doing one simple thing you can start to lose weight and build muscle, far from it.
There are too many scams and false claims floating around today for me to add to them. What I am going to say is that a colon cleanse can help you lose weight and build muscle. The important word in the last sentence is help, in fact when I say help I mean greatly improve your results.
The reasoning behind this is quite simple; our bodies perform millions of bodily functions everyday of which can include burning fat and building muscle. However these days with our environment, cheap processed food and general unhealthy living our bodies are running below their optimum levels. Ever tried to lose weight and have got no results despite doing everything right? Your body maybe running below par and not burning fat as efficiently as it should be. Gain Weight Build Muscle
A colon cleanse can help solve these problems:Lose Weight – Toxins in our bodies can interfere with bodily functions such as burn fat for fuel; A colon cleanse can help get rid of these to get our bodies running optimally and burn fat properly.
Build Muscle – Our bodies need fuel (food) to grow; apart from water, our muscles are mainly made up of protein; Also a small vitamin deficiency can halt muscle growth. When our body is full of toxins it doesn’t absorb all the nutrients from food as it should do. Therefore not getting the full benefit which can cause all sorts of problems.
So there you have it. I am not saying that a colon cleanse will do everything for you, like build you a new kitchen. But if you’re going to put some effort into losing weight or building muscle make sure that your body is in the position to do so and not hold you back.
Even if you are not, a colon cleanse can improve your health dramatically so why not give it a go. Gain Weight Build Muscle

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