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There is no other muscle in the entire body that causes men worldwide to spend hours in the gym trying to get huge biceps. And who can blame them?

There is nothing better than a nice set of bulging biceps. However if “The Guns” are one of mans prized possessions and also one that we spend so much time on, then how come most men have very little to show for it? The reason is obvious.

Most of the training methods and tips out there are actually making it harder for you to get big biceps. Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions with getting big biceps and how you can avoid them so that you get the kind of “guns” you are after

1. Sometimes less is more. A lot of people believe that the more reps and sets you perform then the bigger the muscle will get. However this is not always true. Your goal for each workout is to simply improve on your last workout.

By overtraining a muscle and not letting it heal properly you are actually weakening it.

2.Focusing on pumping up your muscles whilst in the gym instead of focusing on what they look like outside the gym.

If you train your biceps intensely in the gym and focus on nothing else, then they will achieve a bit of a “pump” effect. However what most people don’t realize is that this pump will quickly deflate and you will not have actually achieved any muscle growth. This is a sure fire way to NOT get huge biceps.

3. Focus on increasing overall strength. If you focus primarily on your big muscle groups such as your chest, back, shoulders etc with exercises such as pull ups, chin ups etc, and then your biceps will also grow also. Further by building the strength in your shoulders, chest etc you will be able to do more reps, have better technique and train harder- thus resulting in dramatic overall muscle growth. Especially in your biceps.

Click this link to watch the complete video and find out what mistakes you are making that is stopping you from getting huge biceps.

4. Build big biceps with strong foundations. Barbell curls and dumbbell curls. According to the experts these 2 basic exercises have created more big “guns” than any other exercise and they are a good platform to build a programme around. Increase your reps and the weights from week to week and you will notice your strength and therefore your biceps improve.

5. Isolate and strain the muscle. A lot of weight lifters use very bad technique and actually use every part of their body to lift the weights instead of only the muscle that they are trying to improve. Make sure that you are only using the muscle you are training to train to perform each exercise. Ok, so now you know how to get huge biceps in 5 simple steps. Remember this advice and you will get the big biceps that you want and deserve.

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