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The Fitness Mantra

According to the fitness mantra propagated by many of the fitness Gurus of today it is said that the fitness programs cannot cater to a dual purpose at the same time and thus, the dream of losing weight and building muscles at the same time is a far-fetched one. The trick is to focus on a singular goal – either losing weight or muscle building – so that you achieve success on your path to fitness. Unlike the myths propagated by the fitness Gurus if you do stick to the below mentioned fitness regime it is definitely possible to get rid of all that unwanted fat and also build some strong muscles.

For achieving the dual purpose of losing weight and building those muscles all you have to go in for is “cardio” and that too the masculine style. For the mild feminine style cardio techniques like walking, aerobics or cycling is all right for losing some weight but…. Taking up things th masculine way like circuit training and woodcutting or a farmer’s walk is going to ensure that you not only lose that fat but also build some string muscles. Chopping wood is a great way to lose weight as well as develop some good arm and shoulder muscles and also the body twists while chopping is going to ensure an enviable abs.

A farmer’s walk with two dumbbells in the hand for a period of 10 minutes is going to build up those neck muscles, leg muscles and a strong back, in addition help you to lose that bulk. Another way to a lean and muscular “YOU” would be circuit training – a strict weight-training program with a minimum of 7 exercises without a break. Circuit training could be a combination of 8 repetitions of curls with 8 repetitions of squats and 8 repetitions of the bench press and 4 more exercises to complete the 7 exercises. …Regime.

Circuit Training can help provide you the benefits of a weight loss program coupled with the building of those strong muscles, provided you keep the below mentioned tips in mind:

· Do not take a break before finishing the complete regime of 7 exercises.

· The circuit-training program should include a minimum of seven exercises of weight training.

· Each exercise must have a minimum of 8-15 repetitions.

· After a complete cycle of 7 exercises is complete, repeat it at least two more times with a short break in between to get refreshed.

A mild feminine work out would ensure losing that extra fat and a great figure but only a rigorous masculine cardio exercise regime would provide those muscles along with weight loss. For complete information on a great weight loss program that would also help build those muscles do log on to http://www. nowloss. com/best-weight-loss-program-for-men. htm. Join the program and see the results for yourself.

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