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Triceps contributes up to 75% of your arms, therefore to build up biceps is not the only worthy effort for toning arms. Triceps is majorly constituted of fats and in the older stages, the need to strengthen your triceps increases. A pile of exercises are there to shape your triceps. A lot among them do not even require any bulky, spacious machines. Triceps can be exercised at home only with a regular and honest schedule. As of course you need to take care of your diet along with the workout. The intake should remove the arm flab. Do not go for any synthetic diet which is not advised by a diet expert. Two categories for triceps are bodyweight exercises and heavy weight exercises. A common exercise for triceps is “Triceps’ pushups”. It is like normal pushups but in this you need to bring your hands closer. Try to touch the thumbs of both of your hand. 1. Firstly, lie down and be in the regular posture i. e. normal posture. 2. Move your hands closer so that the thumbs intersect with each other. Maintain the linearity of your back and try to lift up as you do in normal pushups. 3. Lift should be the maximum. Avoid any locking in your joint. 4. Steadily come back on the floor with all force on your hands and feet. 5. Repeat it for 4 sets a day with 16 wraps. List of alternatives begins with bear walks or crab walks. Get yourself into the position of bear or crab as per your choice. Now start walking like them in the house itself. In this way you can increase the efficiency of your cardio system as well. Next is the triceps dip. Get a bench or a chair with non slippery legs. Don’t sit fully on the bench. Now hold the bench from both sides of your body, by making a contact of your hands and hip sides. Move into the air and lift up-down. Make such moves thrice a day with 20 wraps each. You can also opt for the shadow boxing to your mattress. It seems to be a bit kid dish but is really effective. Get your mattress stand taking support of a wall. Set a target point on the mattress. Start punching it without bending your wrist. Another advantage of such act is that it helps in fat burn. Next for you are the dietary tips. Take the advised amount of proteins and avoid the food with rich content of fat, sodium and sugar (glucose). You must follow the diet instructions strictly. Workout is not all about heavy exercises. You can go for some fun loving sports. Running and swimming are some of them. This will help you tackle with your fat. To formulate the ultimate conclusion, go through the list of tips. A treasure of exercises is there to tone up the triceps. But triceps pushup and bench dips are the most effective ones that you can do easily anywhere. Copyright © Ryan Mutt, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.

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