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The triceps are a great muscle to work if you want to increase the mass of your arms.   This is due to the fact that the majority of muscle tissue in your upper arm belongs to your triceps.   These muscles are used to extend the elbow and are very powerful at what they do.   In this article I’ll show you how to get big triceps through good training techniques, dieting, and advanced tricep training techniques. The triceps, like I said, are the largest muscle in the arm.   They are also worked in most compound exercises, meaning you can get a great tricep workout without even training them.   If you want to get them really big, however, you’ll want to target them specifically.   Remember, however, that isolation exercises build very little functional strength and an athlete would be better served using power exercises that’ll build the triceps in time and for power. The best compound exercises that work your triceps are the military press, bench press, and dip.   None of these work the triceps directly, although the bench press and dip can be modified to better isolate the triceps and will make them big very quick.   For the bench press, just move your hands closer together.   The closer they are, the more isolated the lift is.   For dips, just keep your legs straight instead of pushing them out and you’ll also isolate your tris. The best isolation exercises to get big triceps are skull crushers, tricep pushdowns, and kick backs.   All of these isolate the lateral and medial heads of the triceps, which’ll build up a nice horseshoe shape of muscle around the long head.   This is the most desirable structure of the tricep and is definitely something to work toward.   You can pre-exhaust super set these lifts to get even bigger gains, but make sure that you don’t overtrain your triceps. Getting big triceps, however, isn’t all about the lifts you do.   You’ll also want to consider what type of food you’re going to eat.   The best food to gain weight is something that is high in protein and carbs.   The carbs fuel and replenish your muscles as you’re working out and the protein is used to rebuild the muscle after it has been used.   You should be eating about 4000 calories a day if you want to get really big triceps using the above exercises.   You can also do an anabolic diet which requires that you load up on protein and fats during the week and on carbs on the weekend.   This diet isn’t very good for you, but it’ll build muscle quickly.

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