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Unfortunately, this “upper then lower” fat loss progression is typical for the majority of people. This “lower ab bulge” happens for three totally different reasons. If you are going to achieve flat lower abs all three reasons must be addressed. 1. The lower abs is not flat because of too much body fat. Some persons lose fat on the upper section of their abs initially, such persons can only lose the ab fat all over their belly side area when they get lean. You can be able to lose the too much stomach fat if you follow an adequate and planned fat loss program such as truth about abs. Such plans should consist of metabolism-enhancing resistance workout, high intensity cardio and adequate nutrition. 2. The second cause of the lower abs bulge is due to the location of your pelvis. Assuming your pelvis is leant forward, that will result in your lower abs bend to the arch and force the lower section of your stomach out. Your abs is going to bulge out if you have this kind of pelvic position irrespective of the level of your body. In order to correct this fault, you should do remedial ab exercises together with widening your hip flexor. When you integrate both exercising and stretching inside your workout you will gradually readjust the pelvis and level your abs. I am going to explain an efficient hip flexor stretch and some remedial ab workout depending on the present stage of your ab strength in order to enable you get your lower abs fast. Hip flexor stretch: keep yourself in the bottom point of a lurch using your back knee to relax on the ground. Force your hip frontward and still keeping a stand position change the space between your two legs to make the tibia of your front leg to be in a vertical position. Grasp it for 30 seconds. Do it again using the other side. Do all the whole process for addition four times. Remember to use a small mat to do the stretching to avoid injury. Starter ab workout: get down on your back. Flex your knee to 90 degrees and set your feet level on the ground. While your palms are down position it below your lower back. Raise the two legs from the floor till the knees are aiming straight to the ceiling. Move your pelvis backwards in order to generate little force on your fingers. It is the beginning position. Bring down both of your two legs to the ground with no bending of your back and discharging the pressure on your hands while it’s placed on the floor. To continue just flatten your legs to several time per workout till when you begin to do the workout using straightened legs Intermediate ab exercises: get down on your back. Flex your two knees and hips to 90° position. Return your knees to your chest through the flexing of your ab muscles, and lifting of your butt from the ground while still keeping a steady knee angle. Go back till your knees and hips are expanded to 90° position. Do it again for the recommended amount of reps. Higher ab exercise: lay down on a slant bench. Flex your hips and pelvis to 90° position. Bring your kneels straight to your chest through the loosening of the ab muscles. Lift your butt up from the bench, and try to keep up a steady knee angle. Free yourself after your hips and knees are stretched to 90°. In order to intensify this workout, enlarge the tilt of the slanting bench. The third cause of lower belly dilation is abdominal swelling, that is triggered by two various problems. One is constipation. Try to boost the amount of water you take and see that you are taking adequate dietary fiber, about 25-40g per day. The second reason of dilation is the intake of foods that your body reacts to. Whenever you take foods that your body is sensitive to it will make your immune system to react, resulting in the swelling of your ab region. Whenever you perceive that this is the cause, observe the way you feel when you finish taking every meal. Shun foods that make you to bloat or cramp. Truth About Six Pack Abs is an Online Six Pack Abs Program which contains all the simple exercises; how to do them, when and the duration to them and the diets you should eat and other useful information you require to get your six pack abs. It has helped thousands of people from around the world get their six pack abs through the service they offer. Look no further for your six pack abs but at http://truths-about-six-pack-abs. blogspot. com/

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