How to Get Ripped Abs Fast and Easily

Posted: 8th October 2010 by Darren in How to get ripped abs
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Wanting to get ripped abs fast but just don’t know how? Before you even think about getting that six pack going, you have to remember that no amount of exercise will ever do if you have a layer of fat covering all those abdominal muscles. You actually need to get your body fat down to ten percent or even less for the muscles to be seen and developed into world class washboard abs. What is the best abs diet then? It all comes down to calories. Remember that it takes 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat. Take 3500 more than what your body needs and your body stores it as fat. So, you need to cut down on your daily calorie intake, pump up that protein, stay away from foods with highly refined sugar and saturated fat, fiber up your diet, and drink lots of water. Couple these with lots of cardio exercises and in the end, lose the fat, shed those pounds, and reveal the tight, tight muscles underneath. After you have trimmed down that excess fat, you can now concentrate on building up the perfect six pack. There are a lot of abdominal training exercises that would do wonders for your would-be abs – crunches, reverse crunches, knee raises, side leg raises, side crunches, back extensions, the works. Working on your abs two to four days a week, every other day, doing four to five sets per sessions, and ten to twelve repetitions per set would definitely be a great start. Through it all, though, you should not be expecting too much too soon. You just simply cannot spot reduce that belly flab or any other part of your body, for the matter. A week or a month’s worth of exercise may not even yield tangible results, and if it did, there is still no assurance that you will be losing exactly what you wanted to lose in the first place. But you should not be too hard on yourself nor should you resort to pushing yourself even harder or worse, to the point of starvation. Abdominal training, point blank, is hard and it requires a lot of imagination. But when you get comfortable with the routine, training your abs would become next to instinctive. So, just keep at it. With a little perseverance and a little more attention to detail, you will well be on your way to getting those tight, killer abs that could definitely turn heads around to a full 360 degrees. You are sure to get ripped abs fast! Read this popular guide for killer tips on how to get six pack abs now!

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