How to get ripped abs

How to get ripped abs

This is my 3rd article on how to get ripped abs and a flat stomach, the last two are on the lower abs and a complete set of workouts for the abdominal area.

In this article I am going to be concentrating on the upper abs and listing how to perform the abs exercises with perfect form and technique for maximum results.

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Let’s get started with the first exercise for the upper abs.

1. Upper abs. Weighted dumbbell crunch.

Start by lying flat on the floor on a mat, grabbing a dumbbell or a barbell weight, hold the weight straight above your chest so your arms are fully extended.

Perform the exercise by lifting your shoulders and upper back off the floor. Pause for a second and slowly lower yourself back to the floor, then repeat the exercise for the set 12-15 reps.

To really up the intensity for the upper abs hold two dumbbells on in each hand.

2. Upper abs. Reaching crunch (on stability ball)

Pick up a dumbbell like in the last exercise and lay on the ball with your shoulders touching the ball, and then roll yourself onto the ball so that your lower back and hips touch.

Keeping you head in line with your body and your knees bent, your arms pointing straight up with the weight in your hands.

Slowly crunch up so that your back is of the ball, pause and squeeze the abs for a second then lower yourself back to the starting position and perform the correct number of sets.

When performing the exercise don’t let your arms wander forward, keep them in the same position throughout the workout.

Holding the position and squeezing the abs muscle at the top of the exercise is key to how to get ripped abs as with any muscle group.

3. Upper abs. Angled weighted crunch. (Stability ball)

Sitting onto of the ball holding a medicine ball above your head, bend your knees and slide yourself onto the ball so that your hips, lower back and upper back are touching.

Your head should be in line with your body and your arms at a 45-degree angle half between pointing up straight and half between pointing back.

Keep your arm is in line with your head and crunch up, so your middle part of the back is of the ball hold for a second and squeeze then lower yourself back and start again.

To make the exercise harder on the upper abs hold the ball medicine ball back further past your head to make it easier hold it more over your chest.

4. Upper abs Kneeling cable crunch.

Start this abs exercise with by attaching a rope handle to a high pulley, kneel on the floor about 6 feet away from the workout station, you should be facing the workout station. 

Bending your wrists, crunching your abdominal section until your upper body is level with the floor.

Pause and squeeze the abs muscles then take yourself back to the starting position and start again.

When performing the exercise keep your head and neck in the same position do not bring your chin into your chest.

5. Upper abs Physioball cable crunch.

Take a rope handle and set it up on a lower cable workout station, holding the rope end at the side of your ears sit on the ball and roll yourself down, so that your hips, upper and lower back are touching. With your knees bent and your head in line with your body so you can feel the tension of the weight from the cable.

Keep the rope ends next to your ears and curl yourself up so that your upper body is of the ball, once again pause for a second and squeeze your upper abs, then lower yourself back down and start again.

Keep your head in the same position do not roll your chin into your chest when performing the abs exercise.

  1. Eric Moss says:

    I don’t believe you can “isolate” upper and lower abs. Abs are all interconnected and work as a unit. Try doing some dragonflags (if you don’t know what it is there are vids on youtube) and tell me which part of the abs that works.


  2. zoran says:

    Keep in mind that you also have to schedule a day or two for a much needed rest. The muscles in your abdomen and arms can only withstand so much pressure in a matter of days. Muscles are built when you are sleeping or at rest.