How to Get Washboard Abs

Posted: 12th September 2010 by Darren in How to get washboard abs
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How do you look in the mirror right now? Do you like the way you look, or do you think you could use a little help? There’s no shame in admitting that maybe you need a little help. The majority of earths population does. Health and fitness has been in a downward spiral in recent decades. That’s due to many things. Way to many to name. You do have to admit that there is definitely a positive outlook you can take even though you might not have the best physique. You can always change how you look for the better. Even in a world thats candy and junk food crazed. You can find reassurance that there is a way to get that body you’ve always wanted. One method of acheiving this is by cutting down on your sweets and soda. Yeah I know it sounds obvious but that is a very important key. Also staying active is another invaluable key to getting a lean hard body. You are probably wondering what losing weight has to do with muscle. Without having a low enough body fat you won’t see the muscle. Is that a good enough answer for you. lol. We need to focus first on lowering body fat, through various ways. After sheding the weight then focus on the definition. Vince DelMonte is a pro when it comes to gaining those washboard abs and dropping those pounds. He knows from first hand experience. He was kinda the opposite you might say. He was fairly scrawny until he found what worked. Now he’s 210 pounds with only 10% body fat. So whether you’re thin and are lacking the muscle you want, or are the one that needs to drop the weight and work on definition, Vince DelMonte would be the one to go to.

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