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What guy doesn’t want to have a ripped six pack that causes everyone to stop and look when you take off your shirt? But how do we set about getting washboard abs? In my naïve teenage years, I honestly believed that churning out a few hundred crunches a day would surely grant me a six pack in no time. To my dismay though, I didn’t end up looking like a Men’s Health cover model. Matter of fact, I saw little to no improvement at all. This was after putting up with the intense burning and pain that comes with doing over a hundred crunches, everyday, for a few weeks straight. I had no idea why I wasn’t getting a six pack. I mean after all, my abs were burning and always hurting. Shouldn’t they be popping out by now?What I didn’t realise at the time was that I already had a well developed six pack. Fact is, everyone already has six pack abs, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stand up! So why couldn’t I see my abs?Because I was fat! The reason why I couldn’t see my abs, wasn’t because they weren’t developed and I needed to do more ab work. It was because I had a layer of fat covering them up. This is why doing thousands of crunches don’t work. I can develop my ab muscles as much as I want, but I will never see them until I lose the layer of fat on top of them. So over the years, I have come to realise that attaining washboard abs has more to do with our diet, then anything else. We could do all the ab crunches in the world, but if we eat too much, we will never see our abs. Focus on eating less food everyday. A good gauge is to eat 15 calories per pound of bodyweight a day. Supplement this with some strength training and some fairly intense cardio activity, and your fat should melt off your body in no time, revealing the chiselled midsection you are after. So to finish off, abdominal exercises are not necessary. You may have noticed guys who have a ripped six pack yet never do any ab work. This is simply because they are lean enough to see there abs. It’s that easy.

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