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Triceps and biceps are the two muscle groups everyone loves to see get bigger and stronger,

Me personally I love training my triceps as without decent triceps your arms will look like nothing.

The reason people say triceps and not tricep is because there are three heads to the triceps, commonly known as the horse shoe as when fully developed the three heads create a horse shoe effect.

Now triceps are one of the key ingredients for upper body strength such as chest exercises shoulder exercises all kinds of pushing exercises so to ignoring them would be madness if you are trying to achieve an all-round shape.

Training your triceps with other body groups that pre exhaust is a good idea.

E.g training chest then triceps then shoulders this method will pre exhaust both shoulders and triceps at the same time.

Alternate the pattern every week for example train chest triceps then shoulders one week but on that week don’t do any pushing movements on the shoulders incorporate more raises like side lateral front lateral, rear lateral, then the following week start with chest then shoulders then triceps and incorporate more pushing movements on the shoulders as they will still be pumped from the chest workout so keep it going.

The secret to any muscle building is to keep the muscle guessing so for triceps really mix it up,

For example when training triceps do straight pyramid sets working from a light set with high reps to a heavy set with low reps, but before that do at least three sets of close grip presses for the chest  this will be working the triceps as well pre exhausting them, as we said before any pushing movements will incorporate the triceps but close grip pushing movements really hit the triceps.

The next week super set between the chest and triceps now this isn’t going to let you go heavy on your chest but it will give it a great pump and shock it into growing hitting the fast  twitch fibers the same goes for the triceps, then do the same for the following week with triceps and shoulders.

Now don’t just limit yourself to chest shoulders and triceps chop your work out into other body groups as well like triceps and biceps this gives the arms a fantastic pump and once again shocks the body into growing.

There are so many ways to shock your body by chopping and changing routines or different training methods I can’t fit them all into this post.

Any way that’s it for now, have a go at some of the methods we I have written about above then come back read some more and try some more soon you will start to see some real results.

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