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The best biceps exercise is the standing bicep curl with a barbell Why? It engages the most muscle mass and when you compare it with all the other bicep exercises out there, the standing bicep curl is by fat the best bicep exercise The standing bicep curl addresses two of the most important elements need to build muscle The first is intensity, the second maximum muscle mass and the third is muscle recovery The best biceps exercise is best for generating intensity because overload can be high, you can lift a lot of weight with the standing bicep curl compared to other bicep exercises like the concentration curl Second the standing bicep curl also activates all the major muscles in the biceps, this includes the stabilizer muscles. When you activate all these muscles you will be stimulating more  bicep muscle in the same period of time. This is intensity And third because the standing bicep exercise works more bicep muscle than any other bicep exercise, it means you can train the arms less and sallow sufficient recovery time The biceps exercise we will do here requires just one set So pick a weight on the standing bicep curl that gives you 12 reps to positive failure- the point where completing another rep is impossible So perform the 12 reps to failure When you are done this biceps exercise put the weights down and rest for 7  seconds And then pick the same weight and perform rep to failure You will probably get like 8 reps to failure Again rest 7 seconds and repeat Your reps will look like this 12 reps Rest 7 seconds 8 reps Rest 7 second 5 reps Rest 7 seconds 2 reps And that is it! You don’t need more than one set if you take this powerful biceps exercise to failure To get massive arms fast click the link below in the author’s box

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