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The biceps the body part everyone loves, we all know that without the triceps the biceps wouldn’t look half as good but training the biceps seems to be more satisfying, well it is for me and some of the people I train with, maybe it’s because it’s such a small muscle group that not as much effort has to go in to get a good pump now when I say not as much effort I don’t mean being lazy I mean not doing 600lb squats as much effort if you get my drift.

There are two heads to the biceps the inner head of the biceps and the outer head of the biceps, the outer head is a smaller muscle than the inner head but still just as important, so don’t slack off with exercising the outer head of the biceps or you will regret it when you are trying to catch up with the inner head.

Now when training my arms I sometimes train them on their own once a week or I train them with other body parts such as back or chest so I do the inner head of the bicep with chest and the outer bicep with back this is so I shock the biceps into growth and I can concentrate on that part of the bicep as after a back or chest work out you should be feeling pretty tired so training the complete bicep wouldn’t be as effective.

Remember stretching during and in-between the exercise also contracting the muscle at the top of the movement is key to building muscle the weight is important but not as much as good form and stretching those fibres.

Some of my favourite exercises for the outer bicep are as follows.

1. Close grip preacher curls: this is where I sit at a preacher bench and use an ez bar with a close grip if this is my first biceps exercise i make sure I do at least 17 reps as I like to get that blood flowing then progress down in reps and up in weight this is the pyramid method.

2.  close grip preacher with cable: sit at a preacher bench in front of a cable machine that has a low seated cable pull on it then attach a small bar and start curling as you would as if you had a normal bar in your hands but with a close grip this really hits the outside head as it doesn’t give it any time to rest and gives it a good stretch at the bottom of the exercise.

3. Reverse close grip: this can also be done with an ez bar or the cable method this biceps exercise incorporates the outer head with the outer forearm.

3. Concentration curl: get a dumbbell that you can handle about 12 reps with as going to heavy with this movement will bring bad form, bend over keep your arm straight pointing it straight to the floor and curl the weight up to your chest squeezing at the top lower the weight stretching at the bottom the best thing on this exercise is it hits the peak of the bicep as well as the outer bicep.

4. Hammer curls sitting on an inclined bench: sit on a inclined bench pick up a dumbbell in each hand and twist it as if you were going to hammer something hence the name hammer curls I like to hit a reps range of about 10 as this once again hit the outer forearms and they respond better to higher reps.

5. Standing reverse grip straight bar curls: stand with a straight bar and a reverse grip on the bar hands to be about shoulder width apart and bring the bar to your head, now in this biceps exercise I like to bring my elbows up at the top of the exercise as this lets me squeeze more at the top of the movement don’t forget to stretch at the bottom and in the rest between.

Here are some of my favourite outer head exercises now mix them up with different routines such as pyramid sets, drop sets, super sets and see the biceps grow.

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Biceps exercises | The outer head of the bicep

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