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During the spring and summer seasons you will definetly see alot of people who couldn’t wait to show off their t-shirt muscles. The biceps are among the top of the list when it comes to getting exposure. That is why I have listed the best bicep exercises so you can get started building those big bulging biceps now! For those of you who think you already have an idea of what the best bicep exercises are, you may be disappointed by what you will see on the upcoming list. You will not see concentration curls. You also will not see curls that have anything to do with cable machines. These are some of the truly hardcore exercises that are known to work and get results, period! So without further delay, lets get started. The Best Bicep Exercises Are:   CLOSE GRIP CHIN UPS This is the king of biceps exercises. I personally love this exercise because it allows you to move alot of weight and it also gives your lats (aka wings) a hell of a workout. This should be a staple in anyones workout. With this exercise there are also other muscles that come into play instead of just the bi’s and your lats. Those are called the stablization muscles and those are the ones that help you balance and stablize yourself as you ascend and descend from the chin up bar. BARBELL CURLS As far as isolation movements go, this is the best one there is when it comes to building big biceps. But i see alot of people at the gym who needs to get their form corrected. The proper way to do barbell curls is to hold the barbell in front of you with a slight bend at your knees. Keep your elbows at your sides. Now without moving your elbows forward, curl the weight up as far as you can. If you do it correctly the bar should be somewhere in the middle of your chest and not all the way up by your mouth. If its that high then you let your elbows swing too far out in front of you. when you lift the bar as high as you can, hold it and squeeze those biceps for one second. Lower the bar under control. Dont lower it down so far that your arms are totally straight. Bring the bar down and keep some tension on the bi’s by lowering it about 85% to 90% of the way down to keep a slight bend of the elbows. DUMBELL CURLS With these you can do alternate curls and work one arm at a time. You basically use the same form as the barbell curl. The added advantage here is that you can use a different grip. You can use a supinated grip which means that you start out with a neutral grip (palms facing your thighs) and then on the way up it allows you to twist it when you contract your bi’s at the top. That twist and contraction seems to help in bicep development. INCLINE DUMBELL CURLS This is a great exercise because it allows you to be a position to put a strech on your biceps. Sit in an adjustable bench an put it on an incline (not too steep LOL!). Let the dumbells hang at your sides. Bring them up one at a time or simultaneously. I think its harder when you lift them at the same time. Give it that slight twist and squeeze the bi’s at the top. Lower under control and repeat. Guaranteed you will feel this tomorrow! PREACHER CURLS Use a preacher curl bench and an EZ curl bar. Adjust the seat to the right height. The seat should not be so low that your shoulders come over the curling pad. It also should not be so high that you’re hunched over the pad. Grasp the bar using a shoulder width grip. Do not swing or rock for momentum to get the weight moving. Try to make the exercise work the biceps. Curl the bar towards your chin. On the downward phase, lower the bar under control and work the muscle on the way down as well. Can also be done one arm at a time. HAMMER CURLS These target the brachialis muscle. Its that muscle right at the bottom of the bi’s and at the beginning of the forearm. Its kinda where the biceps end and the forearms begin. When that muscle is developed it can add alot of muscularity to your arm and make your bi’s and forearms look bigger. Hammer curls are just alternate dumbell curls except that your grip stays neutral (with your palms facing your thighs). You raise the dumbells and feel the contraction for a second then lower under control and repeat. There they are everyone! The best bicep exercises that you can pick from to use in your routine. I personally like chins, inclines and hammers. I also change it up after about 4-6 weeks to keep the muscles guessing because muscles adapt quickly. In working out, change is good. It helps build muscle and keeps the workout fresh.

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