The chest group if exercised properly is one of if not the most important part of a bodybuilder’s physique allot of people once they start training there chest find that it responds quickly or not at all the people who find the chest not responding are more than likely doing several things wrong at once so to help you understand how to improve your bench press I am going to list several what not to dos before the what to dos.

1. Running before you can walk what I mean is start training  with a weight that isn’t to heavy don’t fall into the trap of what most people do when going to the gym , they see other people training with heavy weights who have been training for years feel intimidated and try to match them, you’re going to look more of a fool if try to lift what they are also when they see you week after week and see no improvement on your chest then that’s when people will start talking about you not if you are lifting weights in the right form and correct weight.

2. over training is another way of making your chest training come to a grinding halt, train your chest once a week don’t think that training a body part three times a week to complete failure is going to make it grow any bigger or faster.

3. Eating right make sure you are getting the correct amount of protein for your body weight and carbohydrates also all the usual good stuff such as your veg, fruit and water without any of these you will see little or no improvement on your bench press or any training you are doing.

4. Don’t stick to the same routine such as flat bench press incline press decline press then some flyes  changes things around shock the muscle super set pyramid set do light sets one week with high reps

Then heavy the next then stick with heavy for a couple of weeks but change the training routine once you have shocked the muscle back into growth then you can calm things down and continue with whatever stage you are on whether it be mass building or losing weight.

5. Knowing the exercises for the correct part of the chest, allot of people don’t study the body groups and the exercises that go with them so they end up training only one part of the muscle group instead of the complete muscle, this is a must as you are never going to develop a complete chest.

Below are a list of techniques that are a must to improve the chest and your bench press.

1. Improve your triceps and shoulders without theses your chest training will never improve as the triceps and shoulders are used the most in pushing movements.

2. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your glutes on the bench if you are lifting any of these body parts of it will decrease the amount of weight you can push.

3. Push your chest out this increases the size of your rib cage and puts more of the exercise onto the chest and less on the triceps and shoulders

4. Push your feet and glutes into the floor and bench this will give you more power in the push.

5. Stretch the chest between sets this will not only help the muscle to grow but allow more blood into the muscle giving a better pump.

6. Make sure you are warmed up properly before going heavy and take at least  2-3 minutes rest between heavy sets.

7. Find the right grip some people will tell you to have a wide grip for the outer chest and a close grip for the inner this is correct but over doing a wide or narrow grip won’t do you any good so practice on both to find were to hold the bar to get the best out of your chest training.

Click the picture below find out more on how to pack on the size and strength to your chest workouts! 

Improve Your Bench Press

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