Jane Fonda’s workout book

Posted: 31st August 2010 by Darren in abdominal workout.
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Product DescriptionJane Fonda’s Workout Book is more than the best exercise program designed for women–it offers a whole new approach to health and beauty. Jane Fonda’s Philosophy of physical well-bing, which she has incorporated into her own life, will change forever the way you think about and treat your body. This is a program that will not only make you look and feel terrific, it will also give you more energy and endurance, and enable you to cope more effectively with the stress. . . More >>

Jane Fonda’s workout book

  1. K. Jones says:

    I first used this workout program, using only the book, when it first came out in the 1980s. (I used a Michael Jackson LP for the music!) Like another reviewer, I also am 54 and would get up at 5am to do this workout before heading for the commuter train to work. I was also then taking dance classes, and was immediately struck (and reassured) by some of the similarities between the JF workout and a dance class warm-up. Fast forward to today — weight work, cardio, and Iyangar yoga make up my workout week. But today, for the first time, I took a mat Pilates class at the gym, which made me think of the JF workout. Unfortunately, I got rid of my original book many years ago when we moved, but I plan to buy it again soon! I have realized that it’s truly timeless.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Laura Turner says:

    I first got this book, along with the audio tape, when I was 21. I’m 54 now. Jane did a lot of things in her life I do not support, however, this book I definately do. At the time of my life, it’s historical. She actually gave me the courage to be myself, use my own energy, etc, etc. I’d get up each morning at 5:00 a. m. and listen to the audio tape and do the workout and then go to work and it literally saved my life. I lost 50 pounds and have never regained it, even after having two children. Her dicussion of Katherine Hepburn was certainly inspirational. Just decide you’re worth it and you’ll be happy you bought the book and did it! I just hope they re-release the audio as well as the book. I have very serene memories of working out to “Wasting Away Again in Magaritaville”! Always loved it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Lynn says:

    I purchased this book based on three things. One I wanted to see an example of Jane Fonda’s original 1982 workout(hard to find/expensive). Two I love almost all of JF workouts. Three the one review I read confirmed I needed this for my collection. This is truly a wonderful book I can see why it was a best seller. This book offers information on a wide range of subjects from self-esteem, diet, social and enviromental issues, not to mention the two workouts. This was a great buy.
    This book offers a begginer and advanced workout. Each workout begins with warm-up and ends with a cool down. At the begging of each exercise routine there is a list of music that could accompany the exercise. This can be used as a guide to choosing your own music. Both routines have an aerobics, arms, waist, abs, hips and thighs, bottocks. The workouts last about 30-45 for beginner and 40-60 mins for advanced. The cardio portion of both workouts are simple but short, however you can easily extend it.
    This workout is great for the flexibility it offers. This is a workout that you can truly make your own. You could even do it while you are watching television. One of the things I really liked was making my own music to this workout. Being abel to chose your own music that you enjoy, really keeps you going. This is great if you like to make compilation tapes or cds.
    Now I know what your thinking I don’t go for exercise books. And for the most part I would agree, with all the page turning reading descriptions and the pictures that make no sense. But this is written and shown in a very clear manner. Over time this should just be a guide. Because you should start to memorize the workout.
    This is a great workout if your short on time or you don’t feel like going to the gym of even putting a exercise tape in the vcr. This workout out is total body toning. You could even use light hand weights during some of the arm movements for extra work. However some of the movements can be jarring and hard on the joints. Just modify it to fit your own personal needs. If it feels wrong don’t do it. If you like this workout I would recommend Jane Fonda’s New Workout Book or VHS and Jane Fonda’s Women Coming of Age and Jane Fonda’s Easy Going Workout.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Anonymous says:

    As an experiment, I decided to use this book for two weeks with the suggested music. To my amazement, it really works! I’m just 20 and so it is a huge novelty not to follow a tv screen. In the book, Jane doesn’t just address aerobics, but where society places people in life, the enviroment and healthy eating. I now have this workout on DVD so really use the book as reference to healthy living. You would have thought that it would be hard to follow a book to workout with. But it isn’t. For every move there are professionally taken indepth photographs with descriptions. You really use this book until you remember the moves off by heart. But it’s use doesn’t stop there as it is jam packed with so much information. And the funny thing is it feels better working out in the absense of a television screen.
    Rating: 5 / 5